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List of all trading pairs

All trading pairs sorted by trade volume with exchanges
  Coin Pair Price Volume in base currency 24h volume 24h volume in BTC
Sui Sui SUI/USDT 1.56 USDT 238.84M SUI $452.12M 7.96K
Sui Sui SUI/KRW 2,125.00 KRW 82.65M SUI $173.03M 3.05K
USDC USDC USDC/VNST 25,222.00 VNST 109.85M USDC $121.03M 2.13K
Tether Tether USDT/EUR 0.9 EUR 80.23M USDT $108.89M 1.92K
Injective Injective INJ/USDT 255,458,457.17 USDT 2.44M INJ $105.63M 1.86K
Immutable Immutable IMX/USDT 3.30 USDT 27.48M IMX $99.1M 1.75K
Stacks Stacks STX/USDT 0.004 USDT 11.96B STX $76.01M 1.34K
Creditcoin Creditcoin CTC/KRW 773.92 KRW 111.64M CTC $70.84M 1.25K
Bridged USDC (Polygon PoS Bridge) Bridged USDC (Polygon PoS Bridge) USDC.E/WETH 0.0003 WETH 64.54M USDC.E $69.93M 1.23K
Worldcoin Worldcoin WLD/USDT 0.2 USDT 215.46M WLD $63.49M 1.12K
Sui Sui SUI/USD 1.56 USD 29.98M SUI $61.61M 1.09K
Cartesi Cartesi CTSI/USDT 0.2 USDT 113.25M CTSI $41.97M 739.37
USDC USDC USDC/WETH 0.0003 WETH 34.53M USDC $38.37M 675.88
Mina Protocol Mina Protocol MINA/USDT 0.2 USDT 112.95M MINA $36.98M 651.42
USDC USDC USDC/USDC.E 0.9 USDC.E 28.17M USDC $28.24M 497.48
Sui Sui SUI/USDCET 1.52 USDCET 13.95M SUI $26.17M 461.08
Sun Token Sun Token SUN/USDT 0.007 USDT 2.48B SUN $24.19M 426.14
Cortex Cortex CTXC/USDT 0.5 USDT 31.07M CTXC $23.68M 417.14
dogwifhat dogwifhat WIF/USDT 0.3 USDT 51.52M WIF $21.46M 377.95
IOTA IOTA IOTA/USDT 0.2 USDT 54.6M IOTA $18.18M 320.22
Bridged USDC (Polygon PoS Bridge) Bridged USDC (Polygon PoS Bridge) USDC.E/USDT 0.9 USDT 15.74M USDC.E $17.29M 304.55
IOTA IOTA IOTA/KRW 350.10 KRW 45.19M IOTA $15.58M 274.45
USDC USDC USDC/USDC.E 0.9 USDC.E 13.45M USDC $13.51M 237.93
dogwifhat dogwifhat WIF/USDC 0.3 USDC 28.96M WIF $12.09M 212.89
Prosper Prosper PROS/USDT 0.6 USDT 17.07M PROS $11.91M 209.85
WINkLink WINkLink WIN/USDT 0.0001 USDT 99.14B WIN $11.7M 206.12
Vulcan Forged Vulcan Forged PYR/USDT 5.92 USDT 1.24M PYR $10.61M 186.93
Immutable Immutable IMX/USD 3.30 USD 2.93M IMX $10.55M 185.76
Cortex Cortex CTXC/KRW 782.00 KRW 13.22M CTXC $10.34M 182.21
Ethena USDe Ethena USDe USDE/USDC 1.00 USDC 9.35M USDE $10.21M 179.78
IOST IOST IOST/USDT 0.008 USDT 855.3M IOST $9.71M 170.99
Cartesi Cartesi CTSI/TRY 8.82 TRY 26.17M CTSI $9.63M 169.6
Immutable Immutable IMX/KRW 4,536.00 KRW 2.52M IMX $9.35M 164.65
Illuvium Illuvium ILV/USDT 101.00 USDT 81.75K ILV $9.04M 159.17
Tether Tether USDT/BUSD 0.9 BUSD 6.47M USDT $8.51M 149.89
Cartesi Cartesi CTSI/VNST 7,345.00 VNST 19.23M CTSI $7.4M 130.41
SOMESING Exchange SOMESING Exchange SSX/KRW 18.52 KRW 451.91M SSX $6.9M 121.48
Mina Protocol Mina Protocol MINA/USD 1.37 USD 4.51M MINA $6.77M 119.32
Cartesi Cartesi CTSI/USD 0.2 USD 16.39M CTSI $6.03M 106.13
Whales Market Whales Market WHALES/USDT 2.42 USDT 2.12M WHALES $5.43M 95.73
Sui Sui SUI/BTC 0.00003 BTC 2.42M SUI $4.64M 81.68
Sui Sui SUI/EUR 1.43 EUR 2.28M SUI $4.63M 81.64
Stratis Stratis STRAX/KRW 1,153.00 KRW 3.74M STRAX $4.31M 75.95
Bridged USD Coin (Wormhole Ethereum) Bridged USD Coin (Wormhole Ethereum) USDCET/USDC 1.00 USDC 3.79M USDCET $4.16M 73.33
Sui Sui SUI/TRY 46.80 TRY 1.9M SUI $3.64M 64.06
Ethena USDe Ethena USDe USDE/USDT 1.00 USDT 3.32M USDE $3.63M 63.95
Maker Maker MKR/BTC 0.04 BTC 1.33K MKR $3.49M 61.39
StarLink StarLink STARL/USDT 0.000003 USDT 1T STARL $3.38M 59.54
Cortex Cortex CTXC/THB 20.20 THB 3.81M CTXC $2.86M 50.41
Sui Sui SUI/USDC 1.50 USDC 1.49M SUI $2.77M 48.81
Whales Market Whales Market WHALES/SOL 0.02 SOL 1.04M WHALES $2.52M 44.41
Stratis Stratis STRAX/USDT 0.3 USDT 5.77M STRAX $2.45M 43.08
IOTA IOTA IOTA/VNST 6,336.00 VNST 6.93M IOTA $2.32M 40.86
PulseX Incentive Token PulseX Incentive Token INC/WPLS 23,460.39 WPLS 610.23K INC $2.3M 40.46
Injective Injective INJ/EUR 31.09 EUR 52.93K INJ $2.25M 39.55
Bridged USD Coin (PulseChain) Bridged USD Coin (PulseChain) USDC/WPLS 8,028.09 WPLS 2.01M USDC $2.23M 39.29
Stacks Stacks STX/BTC 0.00003 BTC 1.08M STX $2.22M 39.16
Parex Parex PRX/USDT 0.5 USDT 3.25M PRX $2.05M 36.15
Shentu Shentu CTK/USDT 0.7 USDT 2.52M CTK $2.01M 35.42
Injective Injective INJ/TRY 987.10 TRY 46.91K INJ $1.99M 34.97
StreamCoin StreamCoin STRM/USDT 0.002 USDT 579.13M STRM $1.93M 34.02
Mina Protocol Mina Protocol MINA/TRY 42.62 TRY 1.2M MINA $1.82M 32.08
SPYRO SPYRO SPYRO/WETH 0.0000000002 WETH 1.6T SPYRO $1.81M 31.89
Tether Tether USDT/CAD 1.34 CAD 1.32M USDT $1.73M 30.47
STP STP STPT/USDT 0.05 USDT 24.81M STPT $1.71M 30.15
Immutable Immutable IMX/TRY 103.04 TRY 468.29K IMX $1.7M 29.98
JUST Stablecoin JUST Stablecoin USDJ/USDT 1.11 USDT 1.35M USDJ $1.64M 28.91
Steem Steem STEEM/USDT 0.2 USDT 5.9M STEEM $1.61M 28.32
Injective Injective INJ/ADA 65.90 ADA 37.46K INJ $1.59M 28
STP STP STPT/KRW 71.99 KRW 20.99M STPT $1.49M 26.29
Serum Serum SRM/USDT 0.04 USDT 27.1M SRM $1.42M 24.93
Worldcoin Worldcoin WLD/TRY 77.81 TRY 455.49K WLD $1.35M 23.83
Structure Finance Structure Finance STF/USDT 0.01 USDT 102.77M STF $1.35M 23.71
Sui Sui SUI/FDUSD 1.55 FDUSD 717.2K SUI $1.33M 23.49
Cartesi Cartesi CTSI/SOL 0.002 SOL 3.6M CTSI $1.33M 23.45
Mina Protocol Mina Protocol MINA/EUR 1.26 EUR 837.65K MINA $1.26M 22.16
pSTAKE Finance pSTAKE Finance PSTAKE/USDT 0.04 USDT 22.04M PSTAKE $1.23M 21.72
Tether Tether USDT/BTCB 0.00002 BTCB 903.97K USDT $1.2M 21.15
Satoshi Island Satoshi Island STC/USDT 0.4 USDT 1.99M STC $1.19M 20.99
IoTeX IoTeX IOTX/BTC 0.000001 BTC 19.86M IOTX $1.13M 19.96
Stargate Finance Stargate Finance STG/USDC 0.4 USDC 1.71M STG $1.13M 19.84
Stacks Stacks STX/EUR 1.40 EUR 561.15K STX $1.12M 19.79
Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token PSG/USDT 3.32 USDT 280.86K PSG $1.1M 19.39
STAT STAT STAT/KRW 135.00 KRW 9.3M STAT $1.07M 18.89
Superpower Squad Superpower Squad SQUAD/USDT 0.002 USDT 436.69M SQUAD $1.07M 18.81
Evmos Evmos EVMOS/USDT 0.08 USDT 11.84M EVMOS $1.07M 18.81
Immutable Immutable IMX/EUR 3.04 EUR 268.11K IMX $963.45K 16.97
MIR COIN MIR COIN MIR/USDT 0.05 USDT 14.35M MIR $949.15K 16.72
Payment Swap Utility Board Payment Swap Utility Board PSUB/USDT 0.05 USDT 14.44M PSUB $934.32K 16.46
Cartesi Cartesi CTSI/EUR 0.2 EUR 2.45M CTSI $910.81K 16.04
USDD USDD USDD/USDC 0.9 USDC 835.09K USDD $908.77K 16.01
Bridged USDC (Avalanche Bridge) Bridged USDC (Avalanche Bridge) USDC.E/ETH 0.0003 ETH 799K USDC.E $882.59K 15.55
sudoswap sudoswap SUDO/USDT 0.2 USDT 2.44M SUDO $854.28K 15.05
Lido Staked Ether Lido Staked Ether STETH/WETH 1.00 WETH 261.66 STETH $819K 14.43
Injective Injective INJ/KRW 45,630.57 KRW 18.55K INJ $812.44K 14.31
Energy Web Energy Web EWT/USDT 2.28 USDT 312.9K EWT $772.5K 13.61