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  Coin Pair Price Volume in base currency 24h volume 24h volume in BTC
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/TRY 20,884.81 TRY 25,62K ETH $59,74M 1,58K
Wrapped Bitcoin Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC/USDT 35,708.64 USDT 1,58K WBTC $59,71M 1,58K
Cosmos Cosmos ATOM/BTC 0.0003 BTC 4,27M ATOM $59,26M 1,57K
IOST IOST IOST/USDT 0.02 USDT 2,21B IOST $57,94M 1,53K
Linkflow Linkflow LF/KRW 1,649.00 KRW 40,69M LF $57,44M 1,52K
Cardano Cardano ADA/KRW 1,775.47 KRW 38,16M ADA $57,42M 1,52K
Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/USD 0.2 USD 200,61M DOGE $56,84M 1,5K
Chiliz Chiliz CHZ/BTC 0.000008 BTC 171,76M CHZ $56,35M 1,49K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/VNDT 56,250,467.00 VNDT 24,07K ETH $56,19M 1,49K
Origin Protocol Origin Protocol OGN/USDT 0.9 USDT 62,47M OGN $55,65M 1,47K
3X Long Chainlink Token 3X Long Chainlink Token LINK3BULL/USDT 8.64 USDT 1,56M LINK3BULL $55,47M 1,47K
Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/OKB 4.07 OKB 1,01M ETC $55,25M 1,46K
Wrapped BNB Wrapped BNB WBNB/USDT 392.43 USDT 133,36K WBNB $55,06M 1,46K
Kyber Network Kyber Network KNC/USDT 1.98 USDT 28,47M KNC $54,66M 1,44K
Mdex Mdex MDX/USDT 2.05 USDT 27,09M MDX $54,07M 1,43K
O3 Swap O3 Swap O3/USDT 5.22 USDT 10,64M O3 $53,87M 1,42K
XRP XRP XRP/BUSD 1.03 BUSD 53,09M XRP $53,55M 1,42K
Litecoin Litecoin LTC/KRW 198,018.27 KRW 314,06K LTC $53,28M 1,41K
EOS EOS EOS/KRW 5,817.44 KRW 10,63M EOS $53,02M 1,4K
Binance Coin Binance Coin BNB/KRW 416,058.92 KRW 147,24K BNB $52,47M 1,39K
Measurable Data Token Measurable Data Token MDT/USDT 0.04 USDT 1,3B MDT $52,29M 1,38K
ChainLink ChainLink LINK/ETH 0.009 ETH 2,25M LINK $52,27M 1,38K
Tether Tether USDT/INR 77.40 INR 42,4M USDT $52,14M 1,38K
Holo Holo HOT/USDT 0.007 USDT 6,88B HOT $52,06M 1,38K
XRP XRP XRP/TRY 9.02 TRY 51,26M XRP $51,97M 1,37K
MILK MILK MLK/KRW 186.99 KRW 325,17M MLK $50,94M 1,35K
Mask Network Mask Network MASK/USDT 4.96 USDT 10,46M MASK $50,5M 1,33K
Galatasaray Fan Token Galatasaray Fan Token GAL/TRY 74.05 TRY 6,05M GAL $49,8M 1,32K
Cardano Cardano ADA/BUSD 1.49 BUSD 34,03M ADA $49,63M 1,31K
Solana Solana SOL/USD 39.91 USD 1,26M SOL $48,92M 1,29K
VeChain VeChain VET/BUSD 0.1 BUSD 382,96M VET $48,66M 1,29K
TRON TRON TRX/BTC 0.000001 BTC 706,64M TRX $48,44M 1,28K
Dai Dai DAI/USDT 1.00 USDT 49,26M DAI $48,39M 1,28K
Tellor Tellor TRB/USDT 47.62 USDT 1,03M TRB $47,82M 1,26K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/XBT 0.03 XBT 39,31K ETH $47,69M 1,26K
Hup Life Hup Life HUP/WBNB 0.00000000007 WBNB 1935,79T HUP $47,44M 1,25K
Alchemix USD Alchemix USD ALUSD/DAI 0.9 DAI 48,84M ALUSD $47,34M 1,25K
EverRise EverRise RISE/WBNB 0.00000000007 WBNB 1932,56T RISE $47,34M 1,25K
miMatic miMatic MIMATIC/ETH 0.0004 ETH 47,54M MIMATIC $46,69M 1,23K
XRP XRP XRP/EUR 0.8 EUR 45,98M XRP $46,59M 1,23K
Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/SXC 362.06 SXC 857,94K ETC $46,58M 1,23K
Aave USDC v1 Aave USDC v1 AUSDC/ETH 0.0004 ETH 48,31M AUSDC $46,58M 1,23K
GeroWallet GeroWallet 0X3431F91B3A388115F00C5BA9FDB899851D005FB5/ETH 0.0001 ETH 112,29M 0X3431F91B3A388115F00C5BA9FDB899851D005FB5 $46,47M 1,23K
EOS EOS EOS/ETH 0.002 ETH 9,53M EOS $46,26M 1,22K
Celeb Celeb CELEB/KRW 6,716.00 KRW 7,93M CELEB $45,45M 1,2K
My Neighbor Alice My Neighbor Alice ALICE/USDT 5.74 USDT 7,97M ALICE $44,61M 1,18K
Waves Waves WAVES/KRW 17,631.72 KRW 2,61M WAVES $43,94M 1,16K
KOK Coin KOK Coin KOK/USDT 1.22 USDT 36,83M KOK $43,92M 1,16K
Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV BSV/BTC 0.004 BTC 271,55K BSV $43,89M 1,16K
Internet Computer Internet Computer ICP/USD 53.37 USD 843,49K ICP $43,7M 1,15K
3X Short EOS Token 3X Short EOS Token EOS3BEAR/USDT 9.71 USDT 1,07M EOS3BEAR $42,83M 1,13K
Aniverse Aniverse ANV/KRW 1,170.00 KRW 42,73M ANV $42,8M 1,13K
Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token BAT/USDT 0.6 USDT 64,89M BAT $42,27M 1,12K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/DAI 2,406.94 DAI 17,98K ETH $42,13M 1,11K
Binance Coin Binance Coin BNB/ETH 0.1 ETH 121,82K BNB $42,13M 1,11K
Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/TRY 2.68 TRY 141,18M DOGE $42,1M 1,11K
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCC/JPY 61,122.00 JPY 77,82K BCC $41,89M 1,11K
Mirror Protocol Mirror Protocol MIR/USDT 4.81 USDT 8,95M MIR $41,86M 1,11K
Tether Tether USDT/DAI 0.9 DAI 36,2M USDT $41,63M 1,1K
PancakeSwap Token PancakeSwap Token CAKE/BUSD 16.25 BUSD 2,58M CAKE $40,89M 1,08K
PancakeSwap Token PancakeSwap Token CAKE/WBNB 0.04 WBNB 2,45M CAKE $40,08M 1,06K
3X Long BNB Token 3X Long BNB Token BNB3BULL/USDT 9.58 USDT 1,02M BNB3BULL $40,07M 1,06K
Sun Token Sun Token SUN/KRW 134.39 KRW 347,92M SUN $40,06M 1,06K
Ripio Credit Network Ripio Credit Network RCN/BTC 0.000001 BTC 671,52M RCN $39,63M 1,05K
Tether Tether USDT/KRW 1,154.87 KRW 33,8M USDT $39,27M 1,04K
3X Short BNB Token 3X Short BNB Token BNB3BEAR/USDT 9.08 USDT 1,03M BNB3BEAR $38,48M 1,02K
3X Long XRP Token 3X Long XRP Token XRP3BULL/USDT 9.73 USDT 954,06K XRP3BULL $38,22M 1,01K
Casper Network Casper Network CSPR/USDT 0.2 USDT 138,36M CSPR $37,96M 1K
Celer Network Celer Network CELR/USDT 0.03 USDT 1,03B CELR $37,82M 999,54
USD Coin USD Coin USDC/EUR 0.8 EUR 34,27M USDC $37,11M 980,82
Chromia Chromia CHR/USDT 0.2 USDT 189,24M CHR $37,1M 980,54
3X Long Ethereum Token 3X Long Ethereum Token ETH3BULL/USDT 9.44 USDT 953,1K ETH3BULL $37,08M 979,96
Quickswap Quickswap QUICK/ETH 0.2 ETH 67,69K QUICK $37,03M 978,68
Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC 0.0002 BTC 4,34M QTUM $36,97M 977,05
3X Short Ethereum Token 3X Short Ethereum Token ETH3BEAR/USDT 9.19 USDT 965,79K ETH3BEAR $36,57M 966,4
Theta Network Theta Network THETA/BTC 0.0002 BTC 3,97M THETA $36,45M 963,28
Kava Kava KAVA/KRW 4,919.90 KRW 8,59M KAVA $36,33M 960,01
Flow Flow FLOW/USDT 11.93 USDT 3,12M FLOW $36,19M 956,45
Serum Serum SRM/USDT 4.15 USDT 8,95M SRM $36,17M 956
Ark Ark ARK/KRW 1,269.85 KRW 33,51M ARK $36,16M 955,66
OmiseGO OmiseGO OMG/USD 5.19 USD 7,1M OMG $35,78M 945,5
3X Short XRP Token 3X Short XRP Token XRP3BEAR/USDT 9.25 USDT 937,43K XRP3BEAR $35,73M 944,15
OmiseGO OmiseGO OMG/BTC 0.0001 BTC 7,04M OMG $35,58M 940,32
USD Coin USD Coin USDC/SUSD 0.9 SUSD 30,73M USDC $35,28M 932,33
Dai Dai DAI/USDC 1.00 USDC 36,29M DAI $35,28M 932,27
Band Protocol Band Protocol BAND/USDT 6.94 USDT 5,21M BAND $35,17M 929,53
Near Near NEAR/USDT 3.10 USDT 11,55M NEAR $34,8M 919,71
Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV BSV/USD 167.45 USD 214,1K BSV $34,79M 919,5
Travala.com Travala.com AVA/USDT 3.21 USDT 11,12M AVA $34,79M 919,28
Zcash Zcash ZEC3BULL/USDT 13.76 USDT 754,88K ZEC3BULL $34,77M 918,94
Sushi Sushi SUSHI/ETH 0.003 ETH 4,14M SUSHI $34,72M 917,43
Anchor Neural World Token Anchor Neural World Token ANW/KRW 97.57 KRW 414,89M ANW $34,63M 915,3
Uniswap Uniswap UNI/BTC 0.0006 BTC 1,4M UNI $34,24M 904,89
Qi Dao Qi Dao QI/QUICK 0.001 QUICK 8,13M QI $33,87M 895,05
Qi Dao Qi Dao QI/WMATIC 0.001 WMATIC 8,13M QI $33,87M 895,05
NEO NEO NEO/USD 49.61 USD 697,33K NEO $33,48M 884,78
Wrapped NXM Wrapped NXM WNXM/USDT 78.81 USDT 400,92K WNXM $33,47M 884,52
3X Long EOS Token 3X Long EOS Token EOS3BULL/USDT 8.15 USDT 994,93K EOS3BULL $33,4M 882,69
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/PLN 148,212.00 PLN 873,99 BTC $33,1M 874,63
Synthetix Network Token Synthetix Network Token SNX/USDT 9.07 USDT 3,55M SNX $32,88M 868,85