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List of all trading pairs

All trading pairs sorted by trade volume with exchanges
  Coin Pair Price Volume in base currency 24h volume 24h volume in BTC
XT Stablecoin XTUSD XT Stablecoin XTUSD XTUSD/USDT 1.00 USDT 3.07M XTUSD $3.07M 185.19
Beefy.Finance Beefy.Finance BIFI/BUSD 366.00 BUSD 8.38K BIFI $3.07M 185.04
Nest Protocol Nest Protocol NEST/USDT 0.02 USDT 129.9M NEST $3.06M 184.34
Meetin Token Meetin Token METI/USDT 0.08 USDT 37.45M METI $3.05M 184.05
Kadena Kadena KDA/USDT 0.8 USDT 3.48M KDA $3.05M 183.91
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/MXN 320,290.00 MXN 183.85 BTC $3.05M 183.66
PlayDapp PlayDapp PLA/KRW 283.00 KRW 14.37M PLA $3.04M 183.49
chrono.tech chrono.tech TIME/USD 184.61 USD 16.48K TIME $3.04M 183.33
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/XTUSD 16,564.51 XTUSD 182.06 BTC $3.01M 181.72
OKC OKC OKT/USDT 17.61 USDT 176.76K OKT $3.01M 181.54
Storj Storj STORJ/KRW 464.00 KRW 8.65M STORJ $3M 181.05
OKB OKB OKB/BTC 0.001 BTC 141.32K OKB $2.97M 178.84
The Graph The Graph GRT/TRY 1.23 TRY 44.75M GRT $2.96M 178.31
VIDT Datalink VIDT Datalink VIDT/USDT 0.04 USDT 70.62M VIDT $2.95M 177.98
Algorand Algorand ALGO/BTC 0.00001 BTC 12.01M ALGO $2.94M 177.39
Quickswap [OLD] Quickswap [OLD] QUICK/USDT 56.81 USDT 51.94K QUICK $2.94M 177.18
The Debt Box The Debt Box DEBT/USDT 11.87 USDT 243.01K DEBT $2.93M 176.98
BinaryX BinaryX BNX/BUSD 152.29 BUSD 18.58K BNX $2.89M 174.41
Bxmi Bxmi /USDT 0.2 USDT 9.72M $2.88M 173.7
Qtum Qtum QTUM/KRW 2,979.60 KRW 1.29M QTUM $2.88M 173.69
Alpine F1 Team Fan Token Alpine F1 Team Fan Token ALPINE/USDT 2.64 USDT 1.09M ALPINE $2.88M 173.6
The Sandbox The Sandbox SAND/BTC 0.00003 BTC 5.05M SAND $2.87M 173.36
Tezos Tezos XTZ/USD 0.9 USD 2.89M XTZ $2.87M 173.1
Zedxion Zedxion ZEDXION/USDT 0.09 USDT 29.49M ZEDXION $2.87M 173.08
yearn.finance yearn.finance YFI/BTC 0.3 BTC 456.35 YFI $2.87M 173
BitShares BitShares BTS/USDT 0.008 USDT 353.78M BTS $2.86M 172.57
USD Coin USD Coin USDC/GBP 0.8 GBP 2.87M USDC $2.86M 172.52
SafePal SafePal SFP/BUSD 0.4 BUSD 5.95M SFP $2.85M 172.14
Metaland Shares Metaland Shares MLS/USDT 0.2 USDT 12.82M MLS $2.85M 171.95
HEX HEX HEX/USDC 0.02 USDC 79.23M HEX $2.84M 171.06
Inter Milan Fan Token Inter Milan Fan Token INTER/USDT 2.18 USDT 1.3M INTER $2.82M 169.84
PLEX PLEX PLEX/BTC 0.000007 BTC 23.32M PLEX $2.81M 169.59
Chainge Finance Chainge Finance CHNG/USDT 0.07 USDT 39.19M CHNG $2.8M 169.1
Trust Wallet Trust Wallet TWT/BTC 0.0001 BTC 1.33M TWT $2.79M 168.47
DeXe DeXe DEXE/USDT 2.38 USDT 1.17M DEXE $2.79M 168.32
Binance ETH staking Binance ETH staking BETH/ETH 0.9 ETH 2.36K BETH $2.79M 168.13
CounosX CounosX CCXX/USDT 19.00 USDT 146.73K CCXX $2.79M 168.12
Theta Network Theta Network THETA/KRW 1,274.91 KRW 2.9M THETA $2.77M 167.05
Chia Chia XCH/USDT 30.48 USDT 90.73K XCH $2.77M 166.82
Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/JPY 12.81 JPY 30.02M DOGE $2.76M 166.7
Basic Attention Basic Attention BAT/KRW 317.01 KRW 11.65M BAT $2.76M 166.68
Uniswap Uniswap UNI/BUSD 5.48 BUSD 503.41K UNI $2.76M 166.48
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BRL 6,577.80 BRL 2.27K ETH $2.76M 166.23
JUST JUST JST/USDD 0.02 USDD 122.19M JST $2.76M 166.21
Convex Finance Convex Finance CVX/USDT 4.38 USDT 630.96K CVX $2.76M 166.19
Radicle Radicle RAD/BTC 0.00009 BTC 1.7M RAD $2.75M 166.15
Rocket Pool Rocket Pool RPL/USDT 17.07 USDT 164.83K RPL $2.75M 166.02
Metis Metis METIS/USDT 18.18 USDT 140.68K METIS $2.74M 165.07
Stratis Stratis STRAT/KRW 656.87 KRW 5.55M STRAT $2.73M 164.49
Stacks Stacks STX/KRW 325.00 KRW 11.19M STX $2.72M 164
Curve DAO Curve DAO CRV/BTC 0.00004 BTC 3.96M CRV $2.72M 163.84
Drep Drep DREP/USDT 0.3 USDT 8.8M DREP $2.71M 163.55
PlatON Network PlatON Network LAT/USDT 0.01 USDT 276.1M LAT $2.71M 163.3
ConstitutionDAO ConstitutionDAO PEOPLE/BUSD 0.02 BUSD 108.22M PEOPLE $2.7M 162.77
NuCypher NuCypher NU/KRW 139.00 KRW 25.93M NU $2.7M 162.66
Polygon Polygon MATIC/EUR 0.8 EUR 3.14M MATIC $2.69M 162.43
Chainlink Chainlink LINK/USDC 6.86 USDC 392.59K LINK $2.69M 162.39
Tether Tether USDT/TRX 18.77 TRX 2.67M USDT $2.69M 162.32
WOM Protocol WOM Protocol WOM/USDT 0.02 USDT 105.08M WOM $2.69M 162.31
THORChain THORChain RUNE/BUSD 1.21 BUSD 2.22M RUNE $2.68M 161.78
PLC Ultima PLC Ultima PLCU/USDT 1,293.27 USDT 2.07K PLCU $2.67M 161.31
The Virtua Kolect The Virtua Kolect TVK/USDT 0.02 USDT 89.97M TVK $2.67M 161.05
Synthetix Network Synthetix Network SNX/USD 1.72 USD 1.55M SNX $2.67M 161
Trust Wallet Trust Wallet TWT/TRY 40.14 TRY 1.24M TWT $2.67M 160.84
Prom Prom PROM/BUSD 4.36 BUSD 609.21K PROM $2.66M 160.45
Step App Step App FITFI/USDT 0.03 USDT 83.98M FITFI $2.66M 160.42
Verasity Verasity VRA/USDT 0.002 USDT 903.32M VRA $2.66M 160.27
Pastel Pastel PSL/USDT 0.0005 USDT 4.86B PSL $2.64M 159.46
Binance USD Binance USD BUSD/3CRV 0.9 3CRV 2.57M BUSD $2.63M 158.69
SORA Synthetic USD SORA Synthetic USD XSTUSD/XOR 0.2 XOR 2.73M XSTUSD $2.63M 158.69
Bitget Token Bitget Token BGB/USDT 0.1 USDT 13.89M BGB $2.63M 158.43
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/KRW 156,645.72 KRW 22.4K BCH $2.63M 158.39
League of Kingdoms League of Kingdoms LOKA/BUSD 0.3 BUSD 7.94M LOKA $2.63M 158.38
Quant Quant QNT/BTC 0.007 BTC 21.5K QNT $2.62M 157.93
Polygon Polygon MATIC/USDC 0.8 USDC 3.07M MATIC $2.62M 157.84
Keep3rV1 Keep3rV1 KP3R/USDT 75.66 USDT 34.61K KP3R $2.61M 157.62
Sushi Sushi SUSHI/BUSD 1.19 BUSD 2.2M SUSHI $2.61M 157.19
Viberate Viberate VIB/BTC 0.000004 BTC 31.81M VIB $2.61M 157.13
WETH WETH WETH/CRV 1,766.81 CRV 2.16K WETH $2.6M 157.05
NEXO NEXO NEXO/USDT 0.7 USDT 3.66M NEXO $2.6M 156.74
Ethernity Chain Ethernity Chain ERN/USDT 1.85 USDT 1.4M ERN $2.58M 155.84
PERL.eco PERL.eco PERL/USDT 0.01 USDT 150.97M PERL $2.58M 155.81
Optimism Optimism OP/BUSD 0.9 BUSD 2.77M OP $2.58M 155.43
Fetch.ai Fetch.ai FET/TRY 1.19 TRY 40.28M FET $2.57M 154.75
QuarkChain QuarkChain QKC/KRW 12.69 KRW 268.59M QKC $2.55M 153.83
Harmony Harmony ONE/BTC 0.0000008 BTC 177.14M ONE $2.55M 153.76
Sun Token Sun Token SUN/USDD 0.005 USDD 480.99M SUN $2.54M 153.28
Stellar Stellar XLM/KRW 122.94 KRW 27.58M XLM $2.54M 153.07
REN REN REN/WETH 0.0001 WETH 22.05M REN $2.51M 151.65
Aave Aave AAVE/SGD 82.03 SGD 42.18K AAVE $2.51M 151.63
Power Ledger Power Ledger POWR/USDT 0.1 USDT 16.39M POWR $2.51M 151.23
Linear Linear LINA/USDT 0.006 USDT 416.05M LINA $2.5M 151.06
Ankr Ankr ANKR/KRW 31.10 KRW 107.21M ANKR $2.5M 150.51
Internet Computer Internet Computer ICP/BTC 0.0002 BTC 613.14K ICP $2.47M 149.21
Monero Monero XMR/SECRET 187.00 SECRET 18.14K XMR $2.47M 148.9
Mobox Mobox MBOX/USDT 0.4 USDT 5.29M MBOX $2.46M 148.46
Decentraland Decentraland MANA/KRW 542.98 KRW 6.06M MANA $2.46M 148.43
Chiliz Chiliz CHZ/BNB 0.0005 BNB 13.99M CHZ $2.46M 148.39
Injective Injective INJ/USD 1.61 USD 1.52M INJ $2.44M 147.37
Enjin Coin Enjin Coin ENJ/BTC 0.00001 BTC 7.97M ENJ $2.44M 147.24