Total marketcap
Total volume
BTC 50.26%     ETH 16.60%

Chainlink LINK Price

$16.34 -2.4093%
  • BTC 0.0002
  • ETH 0.0044
ICO Price
0.11 USD
Market cap
Low - High [24h]
$16.22 - $16.92
Vol [24h]
Cur - Max Supply
587.1M - 1B

Chainlink Price chart

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Chainlink Price $16.34 All-time high $52.7 Days since ATH 1108
Price change -$0.403 (-2.4093%) Date of ATH May 10, 2021 % of ATH -69.01%

Chainlink Review

Chainlink (code: LINK)

Founded Date: Jan 1, 2014


Sergey Nazarov
Sergey Nazarov
Co-founder & CEO
Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis
Co-founder & CTO

Chainlink(LINK) - Coin Trading Data

Chainlink Price $16.34
Ticker LINK
Market Capitalization $9.59B
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $16.33B
Value 24h low $16.22
Value 24h high $16.92
Trade Volume for 24h $519.59M
Current Circulating Supply 587.1M
Maximum Supply 1B
ICO Price and ICO ROI 0.11 USD 148.55x
Price Change 24h % -2.4093%
LINK quote $16.34
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $16.33B

Chainlink(LINK) ATH - All Time High Price

Chainlink ATH Price $52.7
LINK quote 1108
ATH Date May 10, 2021
All Time High % -69.01%

Chainlink is more than just another coin that duplicates the functionality of major cryptocurrencies. It has an extremely important function: it is impossible to achieve the maximum utility of blockchains and smart contracts without it, because it connects them to the outside world and additional data that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Such services are called oracles, and Chainlink is the most well-known one. The Chainlink project develops and delivers a product that enables blockchain to connect with external applications.

One of the key components of its architecture is the off-network components. These are oracle nodes that are connected to Ethereum, but also interact with external resources.

As a result, autonomous oracles collect and synchronize the majority of the requested data. The request for information that is specified in a smart contract is transferred between the parties using Chainlink Core.

Interaction on the network is done using Link's native token. The domestic payment unit is now linked to other cryptocurrencies as well, supporting the ability to exchange it for other coins or even fiat money. Solving the smart contracts oracle problem as well as the growing demand for the technology make Chainlink Link a very promising coin.

The main mission of ChainLink is to combine the data that is inside the network (on-chain) with the data that is outside the network (off-chain). The network is based primarily on Ethereum, but popular blockchains have already implemented integration with ChainLink: Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Matic Network, etc.

Thus, the Chainlink network includes two parts: the off-chain and the blockchain itself.

  1. The offchain part is a network of nodes connected to the Ethereum network that collect data from external sources and send that data to information consumers.
  2. Blockchain filters the oracles and selects those that fit the smart contracts of the users, which are the recipients of the data.

Users receive data from selected oracles. For example, if a user's smart contract needs to receive data from the New York Stock Exchange, it needs to use only that data that comes from oracles connected to the New York Stock Exchange.

Chainlink Functions Architecture

Chainlink Functions Architecture (Request and Receive Data)

  • In 2014, the creator, Sergey Nazarov, received his first investment from Data Collective for his project SmartContracts.com. The goal was to bridge the gap between blockchains and online information. The system could not practically be applied because the data received was centralized, as it was possible to fake information or capture the source.
  • In 2017, to solve this "oracle problem," they developed ChainLink, a decentralized network where 8-15 providers provide information and this is how veracity is achieved by fixing a rejection threshold. Any participant can provide data for a smart contract as long as they have a source of useful date and API.
  • In June 1, 2019, ChainLink went fully online. ChainLink Labs now employs nearly 100 people. It is headquartered in San Francisco. In addition to Sergey Nazarov (CEO), Steve Ellis (STO) and Mark Oblad (COO) hold leadership positions.
  • In 2021, LINK cryptocurrency was ranked in the top 20 by capitalization size and has found its first sustainable usage patterns in DeFi projects.

The LINK token is a native cryptocurrency of the decentralized Chainlink network, well-known to all cryptotraders. The coin was created specifically to solve current problems and needs of node operators, data providers and developers. The introduced token can be used as a payment unit and can be easily exchanged into another crypto-asset or fiat money.

The token is compliant with the ERC677 standard, but also has ERC20 functionality. Due to the fact that the network solves the smart contract oracle problem, LINK is one of the unique cryptocurrencies on the market today that is hardly unique.

Due to the fact that the demand for the use of smart contracts is constantly growing, the use of Chainlink Link is progressively expanding, which has a direct impact on the growth of its value.

Since LINK cryptocurrency is an ERC20 token, you can't mine it like Bitcoin. In total, a fixed number of one billion coins have been issued. Also, LINK stacking is not yet available, and perhaps such a feature will appear in the next updates.

ChainLink is based on Ethereum, and therefore vorkers provide its reliability by mining ETH. The only way to earn LINK is to be a data provider (ChainLink Node) and be rewarded with LINK. The amount of the reward varies depending on your setup: how much users are willing to pay for the information you provide.

One of the main uses of LINK is decentralized finance (DeFi). It allows people to borrow and lend cryptocurrency. LINK tokens can be used to pay node operators for their work with data streams.

Some people also use LINK tokens for betting on offchain data requests. LINK can also be used to pay for smart contracts.

Simple Architecture Diagram

Simple Architecture Diagram

Chainlink also has other potential applications:

  • Connectivity: input data is merged into smart contracts, which can greatly simplify the use of contracts and data transfer.
  • Improved security: LINK is a possibility to invest in cryptocurrency and use decentralized banking.
  • Hybrid smart contracts: you can use LINK to manage smart contracts containing all your data in one place.

Other examples of using Chainlink for clients are:

  • sports betting/betting on the results of sports events;
  • changing the composition of crypto-assets depending on the exchange prices of oil, gas, coffee, etc.;
  • buying/selling virtual coins depending on changes in the Central Bank's discount rate;
  • many other contracts connecting cryptocurrency and external markets.

By analyzing an ecosystem of the same name, the following advantages and disadvantages can be highlighted, all of which have a direct impact on user activity.

Maintaining compatibility between Bitcoin, Ethereum, payment systems, and bankingBecause this ecosystem is built and operated on Ethereum, the problems that are specific to ETH are also relevant to LINK
Administration and implementation of smart contracts at the highest level, as it involves the use of unique technologies as well as automationA number of systems within the protocol can function using only one oracle, which can trigger the possibility of data manipulation
Decentralization of smart contracts, which additionally increases security and accuracy of information transferWith the stated features, the ecosystem is a pioneer in the listed solutions, so the company itself dictates the terms and the following vector of development
Partnerships and collaboration with SWIFT, Oracle, Google Cloud

After studying the information on Chainlink, we can say that the development has good potential because of the uniqueness of this technology.

Aspiration to create a secure and self-sufficient ecosystem by implementing advanced solutions attracts attention to the project, which stimulates an increase in the token price. The popularity of smart contracts, which are steadily replacing standard contracts, reveals the full potential, which generates a rise in the price and popularity of LINK.

How much is a one Chainlink worth now?

1 Chainlink worth $16.34 now.

What is the price of LINK?

The price of LINK is $16.34.

What is the Chainlink max supply?

The max supply of Chainlink is 1B.

What is the Chainlink stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of Chainlink is LINK.

How many LINK coins are there in circulation?

There are 587.1M coins in circulation of LINK.

What is the exchange rate of Chainlink(LINK)?

The exchange rate of Chainlink is $16.34.

What was Chainlink's trading volume in 24 hours?

Chainlink's 24-hour trading volume is $519.59M.

What was the highest price paid for Chainlink?

Chainlink reached a record high of $52.7 on May 10, 2021

Chainlink Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 CITEX CITEX LINK/USDT $16.37 $125.58M 16.69% 5 minutes ago
2 Binance Binance LINK/USDT $16.35 $66.91M 8.89% 10 minutes ago
3 WhiteBIT WhiteBIT LINK/USDT $16.37 $30.34M 4.03% 6 minutes ago
4 Websea Websea LINK/USDT $16.37 $29.72M 3.95% 7 minutes ago
5 Coinbase Exchange Coinbase Exchange LINK/USD $16.35 $20.64M 2.74% 8 minutes ago
6 HTX HTX LINK/USDT $16.36 $20.2M 2.68% 5 minutes ago
7 Nami.Exchange Nami.Exchange LINK/USDT $16.37 $17.91M 2.38% 6 minutes ago
8 Coinsbit Coinsbit LINK/USDT $16.34 $15.38M 2.04% 6 minutes ago
9 Nami.Exchange Nami.Exchange LINK/VNST $16.36 $14.98M 1.99% 6 minutes ago
10 P2B P2B LINK/USDT $16.37 $13.86M 1.84% 6 minutes ago
11 Bybit Bybit LINK/USDT $16.36 $13.84M 1.84% 6 minutes ago
12 Bilaxy Bilaxy LINK/USDT $16.33 $12.61M 1.68% 10 minutes ago
13 Bibox Bibox LINK/USDT $16.36 $11.71M 1.56% 6 minutes ago
14 Bitget Bitget LINK/USDT $16.35 $11.42M 1.52% 5 minutes ago
15 LBank LBank LINK/USDT $16.37 $11.11M 1.48% 9 minutes ago
16 BiONE BiONE LINK/USDT $16.38 $9.9M 1.31% 7 minutes ago
17 Toobit Toobit LINK/USDT $16.35 $9.5M 1.26% 4 minutes ago
18 OKX OKX LINK/USDT $16.37 $8.62M 1.15% 7 minutes ago
19 DigiFinex DigiFinex LINK/USDT $16.33 $8.38M 1.11% 2 minutes ago
20 Deepcoin Deepcoin LINK/USDT $16.35 $7.87M 1.05% 8 minutes ago