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List of all trading pairs

All trading pairs sorted by trade volume with exchanges
  Coin Pair Price Volume in base currency 24h volume 24h volume in BTC
JasmyCoin JasmyCoin JASMY/USD 0.004 USD 632.3M JASMY $2.54M 149.78
Nano Nano NANO/USDT 0.7 USDT 3.19M NANO $2.53M 149.32
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BRL 6,724.81 BRL 1.97K ETH $2.53M 149.3
aelf aelf ELF/USDT 0.1 USDT 20.61M ELF $2.53M 149.29
Tokocrypto Tokocrypto TKO/BUSD 0.2 BUSD 8.82M TKO $2.52M 148.8
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/UAH 673,482.07 UAH 137.06 BTC $2.5M 147.8
Augur Augur REP/USDT 5.93 USDT 418.73K REP $2.5M 147.66
EOS EOS EOS/USD 0.9 USD 2.68M EOS $2.5M 147.66
Ethernity Chain Ethernity Chain ERN/USDT 1.88 USDT 1.33M ERN $2.5M 147.38
Optimism Optimism OP/USDC 0.9 USDC 2.69M OP $2.5M 147.35
Theta Fuel Theta Fuel TFUEL/USDT 0.04 USDT 52.05M TFUEL $2.49M 147.09
IDEX IDEX IDEX/USDT 0.04 USDT 51.14M IDEX $2.48M 146.36
Tornado Cash Tornado Cash TORN/USDT 5.22 USDT 474.8K TORN $2.48M 146.25
SelfKey SelfKey KEY/USDT 0.003 USDT 667.89M KEY $2.47M 145.69
Media Network Media Network MEDIA/USD 27.46 USD 89.7K MEDIA $2.46M 145.42
Curve DAO Curve DAO CRV/BTC 0.00003 BTC 3.66M CRV $2.46M 145.08
Shiba Inu Shiba Inu SHIB/USDC 0.000009 USDC 264.16B SHIB $2.45M 144.65
Sushi Sushi SUSHI/WETH 0.001 WETH 1.69M SUSHI $2.44M 144.29
Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH CBETH/ETH 0.9 ETH 1.98K CBETH $2.44M 144.25
Threshold Network Threshold Network T/KRW 24.90 KRW 128.89M T $2.44M 144.25
Dogelon Mars Dogelon Mars ELON/USDT 0.0000003 USDT 8.06T ELON $2.44M 144.19
Auto Auto AUTO/USDT 246.74 USDT 9.86K AUTO $2.44M 143.85
Internet Computer Internet Computer ICP/USD 4.05 USD 595.5K ICP $2.41M 142.36
yearn.finance yearn.finance YFI/BTC 0.3 BTC 359.55 YFI $2.41M 142.16
BNB BNB BNB/ADA 955.58 ADA 7.97K BNB $2.4M 141.9
LooksRare LooksRare LOOKS/USDT 0.1 USDT 17.56M LOOKS $2.4M 141.56
Boson Protocol Boson Protocol BOSON/USDT 0.2 USDT 10.81M BOSON $2.4M 141.52
Zedxion Zedxion ZEDXION/USDT 0.09 USDT 24.28M ZEDXION $2.39M 141.38
Chainge Finance Chainge Finance CHNG/USDT 0.07 USDT 32.59M CHNG $2.39M 141.32
The Debt Box The Debt Box DEBT/USDT 10.87 USDT 215.1K DEBT $2.39M 141.01
Tranchess Tranchess CHESS/USDT 0.2 USDT 11.33M CHESS $2.38M 140.74
Okratech Okratech ORT/USDT 0.006 USDT 362.74M ORT $2.38M 140.61
Lazio Fan Token Lazio Fan Token LAZIO/TRY 97.05 TRY 456.45K LAZIO $2.38M 140.58
Fantom Fantom FTM/USD 0.2 USD 9.85M FTM $2.37M 140.16
Theta Network Theta Network THETA/KRW 1,259.75 KRW 2.47M THETA $2.37M 139.67
Pax Dollar Pax Dollar PAX/USDT 0.9 USDT 2.36M PAX $2.36M 139.44
The Virtua Kolect The Virtua Kolect TVK/USDT 0.02 USDT 79.18M TVK $2.35M 138.58
The Sandbox The Sandbox SAND/BTC 0.00003 BTC 4.03M SAND $2.34M 138.31
Neblio Neblio NEBL/BUSD 2.30 BUSD 1.01M NEBL $2.33M 137.81
Ovr Ovr OVR/USDT 0.4 USDT 5.6M OVR $2.33M 137.73
Mask Network Mask Network MASK/TRY 62.77 TRY 691.68K MASK $2.33M 137.53
Galatasaray Fan Token Galatasaray Fan Token GAL/USDT 1.84 USDT 1.25M GAL $2.32M 136.97
Axelar USDC Axelar USDC AXLUSDC/OSMO 0.9 OSMO 2.3M AXLUSDC $2.31M 136.47
VeChain VeChain VET/KRW 25.80 KRW 117.58M VET $2.31M 136.37
League of Kingdoms League of Kingdoms LOKA/USDT 0.3 USDT 6.58M LOKA $2.31M 136.37
Synthetix Network Synthetix Network SNX/USD 1.68 USD 1.37M SNX $2.31M 136.36
PLEX PLEX PLEX/BTC 0.000007 BTC 19.4M PLEX $2.31M 136.35
Bone ShibaSwap Bone ShibaSwap BONE/WETH 0.0006 WETH 2.95M BONE $2.29M 135.5
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/UAH 50,467.31 UAH 1.67K ETH $2.29M 135.14
vEmpire DDAO vEmpire DDAO VEMP/USDT 0.01 USDT 118.91M VEMP $2.29M 135.11
Tether Tether USDT/BUSD 0.9 BUSD 2.29M USDT $2.29M 135.06
Waves Waves WAVES/BTC 0.0001 BTC 966.42K WAVES $2.28M 134.72
UniLend Finance UniLend Finance UFT/USDT 0.2 USDT 7.9M UFT $2.27M 133.99
Qtum Qtum QTUM/KRW 2,969.16 KRW 1M QTUM $2.27M 133.86
Solana Solana SOL/BNB 0.04 BNB 164.76K SOL $2.27M 133.81
Aave Aave AAVE/KRW 86,105.25 KRW 34.56K AAVE $2.26M 133.69
Gifto Gifto GTO/USDT 0.01 USDT 167.64M GTO $2.26M 133.34
Metal DAO Metal DAO MTL/USDT 0.7 USDT 3.01M MTL $2.26M 133.31
Power Ledger Power Ledger POWR/KRW 205.87 KRW 14.38M POWR $2.25M 133.1
Stellar Stellar XLM/KRW 121.02 KRW 24.47M XLM $2.25M 133.08
Seedify.fund Seedify.fund SFUND/USDT 1.11 USDT 2.02M SFUND $2.25M 132.8
XRP XRP XRP/BNB 0.001 BNB 5.56M XRP $2.24M 132.36
FLOKI FLOKI FLOKI/USDT 0.00001 USDT 218.2B FLOKI $2.24M 132.23
Fable Of The Dragon Fable Of The Dragon TYRANT/WETH 0.0005 WETH 4.64M TYRANT $2.24M 132.18
THORChain THORChain RUNE/BTC 0.00007 BTC 1.76M RUNE $2.24M 131.99
Nym Nym NYM/USDT 0.1 USDT 11.2M NYM $2.23M 131.95
Moonriver Moonriver MOVR/USDT 8.14 USDT 273.65K MOVR $2.23M 131.74
Serum Serum SRM/KRW 375.97 KRW 7.77M SRM $2.22M 131.28
WETH WETH WETH/CRV 1,902.15 CRV 1.81K WETH $2.22M 131.26
MetaBeat MetaBeat $BEAT/USDT 0.02 USDT 96.02M $BEAT $2.21M 130.67
Gods Unchained Gods Unchained GODS/USDT 0.2 USDT 9.11M GODS $2.21M 130.62
TomoChain TomoChain TOMO/USDT 0.3 USDT 6.71M TOMO $2.21M 130.61
Fear Fear FEAR/USDT 0.07 USDT 28.75M FEAR $2.21M 130.49
OMG Network OMG Network OMG/KRW 1,640.51 KRW 1.77M OMG $2.21M 130.27
Optimism Optimism OP/WETH 0.0007 WETH 2.35M OP $2.2M 130.14
PlatON Network PlatON Network LAT/USDT 0.01 USDT 209.35M LAT $2.2M 129.85
SUKU SUKU SUKU/USDT 0.05 USDT 41.98M SUKU $2.19M 129.45
XDC Network XDC Network XDCE/USDT 0.02 USDT 95.21M XDCE $2.19M 129.1
Ethereum Name Service Ethereum Name Service ENS/USD 13.70 USD 159.54K ENS $2.19M 129.03
Uniswap Uniswap UNI/USDC 5.72 USDC 382.57K UNI $2.18M 128.97
MiningNFT MiningNFT MIT/USDT 1.64 USDT 1.33M MIT $2.18M 128.94
XRP XRP XRP/GBP 0.3 GBP 5.41M XRP $2.18M 128.56
Dash Dash DASH/ETH 0.03 ETH 49.83K DASH $2.18M 128.49
Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/JPY 14.55 JPY 20.76M DOGE $2.18M 128.44
VIDT Datalink VIDT Datalink VIDT/USDT 0.04 USDT 50.83M VIDT $2.17M 128.36
NKN NKN NKN/USDT 0.08 USDT 26.65M NKN $2.17M 128.08
Perpetual Protocol Perpetual Protocol PERP/EUR 0.4 EUR 4.19M PERP $2.17M 127.87
Metaland Shares Metaland Shares MLS/USDT 0.1 USDT 11.71M MLS $2.16M 127.63
OMG Network OMG Network OMG/BTC 0.00007 BTC 1.79M OMG $2.16M 127.56
Phoenix Global Phoenix Global PHB/USDT 0.7 USDT 3.08M PHB $2.16M 127.35
Maya Preferred Maya Preferred MAPR/ETH 973.54 ETH 1.74 MAPR $2.15M 126.9
Telos Telos TLOS/USDT 0.1 USDT 11.16M TLOS $2.15M 126.86
Gemini Dollar Gemini Dollar GUSD/3CRV 0.9 3CRV 2.08M GUSD $2.13M 125.91
Polymesh Polymesh POLYX/USDT 0.1 USDT 12.95M POLYX $2.13M 125.88
Lido Staked Matic Lido Staked Matic STMATIC/WMATIC 1.05 WMATIC 2.33M STMATIC $2.13M 125.7
Biconomy Biconomy BICO/BUSD 0.3 BUSD 6.95M BICO $2.13M 125.59
Ankr Ankr ANKR/KRW 30.40 KRW 91.62M ANKR $2.12M 125.08
BarnBridge BarnBridge BOND/USDT 3.87 USDT 543.91K BOND $2.11M 124.56
OAX OAX OAX/BTC 0.00001 BTC 11.81M OAX $2.1M 123.98
Portugal National Team Fan Token Portugal National Team Fan Token POR/TRY 61.38 TRY 635.84K POR $2.1M 123.76