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  Coin Pair Price Volume in base currency 24h volume 24h volume in BTC
Ontology Ontology ONT/USD 0.9 USD 22,84M ONT $20,43M 539,93
Cardano Cardano ADA/ETH 0.0006 ETH 13,82M ADA $20,17M 532,98
Huobi BTC Huobi BTC HBTC/HT 2,886.77 HT 534,04 HBTC $20,15M 532,57
Swipe Swipe SXP/TRY 19.39 TRY 9,2M SXP $20,13M 532,14
Binance Bitcoin Binance Bitcoin BTCB/BUSD 38,539.21 BUSD 489,09 BTCB $20,1M 531,21
Fetch.ai Fetch.ai FET/USDT 0.2 USDT 70,26M FET $20,03M 529,31
The Sandbox The Sandbox SAND/USDT 0.2 USDT 74,86M SAND $19,95M 527,38
Stellar Stellar XLM/ETH 0.0001 ETH 49,58M XLM $19,76M 522,32
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/BRL 192,483.85 BRL 516,84 BTC $19,63M 518,88
iExec RLC iExec RLC RLC/USDT 3.61 USDT 5,43M RLC $19,57M 517,24
Brother Music Platform Brother Music Platform BMP/KRW 47.49 KRW 474,11M BMP $19,49M 515,05
Matic Network Matic Network MATIC/TRY 13.06 TRY 13,25M MATIC $19,47M 514,66
Tether Tether USDT/BRL 5.09 BRL 16,79M USDT $19,43M 513,58
Shiba Inu Shiba Inu SHIB/EUR 0.000006 EUR 2,52T SHIB $19,35M 511,52
Gold Coin Reserve Gold Coin Reserve GCR/USDT 1,783.44 USDT 10,99K GCR $19,27M 509,18
Syscoin Syscoin SYS/BTC 0.000004 BTC 119,58M SYS $19,17M 506,7
Bluzelle Bluzelle BLZ/USDT 0.1 USDT 102,72M BLZ $19,11M 505,08
Theta Network Theta Network THETA/KRW 10,839.91 KRW 2,05M THETA $19,11M 505,02
Kyber Network Crystal Kyber Network Crystal KNC/USDT 1.93 USDT 9,85M KNC $18,99M 501,8
Matic Network Matic Network MATIC/EUR 1.25 EUR 12,89M MATIC $18,94M 500,64
Value Liquidity Value Liquidity VALUE/USDT 2.04 USDT 8,11M VALUE $18,9M 499,46
Gitcoin Gitcoin GTC/USDT 8.73 USDT 2,2M GTC $18,89M 499,28
Zilliqa Zilliqa ZIL/USD 0.1 USD 164,66M ZIL $18,87M 498,61
Sushi Sushi SUSHI/USD 8.35 USD 2,26M SUSHI $18,78M 496,45
NuCypher NuCypher NU/USD 0.3 USD 54,18M NU $18,75M 495,46
Waves Waves WAVES/TRY 129.50 TRY 1,18M WAVES $18,71M 494,6
Carry Carry CRE/KRW 8.84 KRW 2,43B CRE $18,66M 493,19
Huobi Ethereum Huobi Ethereum HETH/HT 181.37 HT 7,99K HETH $18,64M 492,66
BORA BORA BORA/KRW 111.01 KRW 193,4M BORA $18,63M 492,29
Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/USD 53.11 USD 355,78K ETC $18,54M 490,1
Qtum Qtum QTUM/KRW 10,188.56 KRW 2,11M QTUM $18,54M 489,9
Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token BAT/BTC 0.00001 BTC 24,22M BAT $18,47M 488,21
yearn.finance yearn.finance YFI/BTC 1.18 BTC 410,59 YFI $18,38M 485,69
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/AUD 50,537.92 AUD 488,58 BTC $18,36M 485,16
NEM NEM XEM/USD 0.1 USD 93,87M XEM $18,29M 483,38
Qtum Qtum QTUM/USD 8.59 USD 2,17M QTUM $18,27M 482,88
IOST IOST IOST/BTC 0.0000006 BTC 688,76M IOST $18,14M 479,48
Global AEX Token Global AEX Token GAT/CNC 0.4 CNC 263,5M GAT $18,12M 478,79
Ravencoin Ravencoin RVN/USDT 0.07 USDT 258,06M RVN $18,06M 477,31
UMA UMA UMA/USDT 11.96 USDT 1,48M UMA $18,03M 476,42
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/CNC 244,116.00 CNC 473,99 BTC $17,97M 475,02
Unifi Protocol DAO Unifi Protocol DAO UNFI/USDT 8.75 USDT 1,98M UNFI $17,94M 474,21
TRON TRON TRX/KRW 81.86 KRW 249,36M TRX $17,77M 469,52
Endor Protocol Token Endor Protocol Token EDR/KRW 15.20 KRW 1,34B EDR $17,71M 468,17
0x 0x ZRX/BTC 0.00002 BTC 17,38M ZRX $17,71M 468,16
All Sports All Sports SOC/USDT 0.02 USDT 681,34M SOC $17,7M 467,74
3X Long Ethereum Token 3X Long Ethereum Token ETH3L/USDT 6,740.80 USDT 2,83K ETH3L $17,63M 465,85
The Sandbox The Sandbox SAND/KRW 317.90 KRW 62,75M SAND $17,56M 464,18
Akropolis Akropolis AKRO/USDT 0.02 USDT 739,35M AKRO $17,56M 464,07
Machine Xchange Coin Machine Xchange Coin MXC/USDT 0.03 USDT 498,7M MXC $17,54M 463,45
Dent Dent DENT/USDT 0.003 USDT 5,37B DENT $17,51M 462,66
Decentraland Decentraland MANA/KRW 815.32 KRW 24,8M MANA $17,47M 461,61
Mdex Mdex MDX/HT 0.1 HT 8,71M MDX $17,43M 460,77
GokuMarket Credit GokuMarket Credit GMC/BTC 0.000004 BTC 105,36M GMC $17,34M 458,39
PLEX PLEX PLEX/BTC 0.00001 BTC 32,06M PLEX $17,33M 458,09
FTX Token FTX Token FTT/USD 32.00 USD 553,49K FTT $17,33M 458,08
Filecoin Filecoin FIL/BTC 0.001 BTC 250,8K FIL $17,18M 454,11
BananaTok BananaTok BNA/KRW 38.62 KRW 514M BNA $17,18M 454,09
Injective Protocol Injective Protocol INJ/USDT 8.06 USDT 2,16M INJ $17,17M 453,87
NEM NEM XEM/KRW 216.17 KRW 84,36M XEM $17,17M 453,82
Litecoin Litecoin LTC/QQC 2,408.35 QQC 47,16K LTC $17,16M 453,6
Wootrade Network Wootrade Network WOO/ETH 0.0003 ETH 19,48M WOO $17,15M 453,18
Assemble Protocol Assemble Protocol ASM/KRW 46.44 KRW 423,36M ASM $16,98M 448,76
Ontology Ontology ONT/BTC 0.00002 BTC 18,79M ONT $16,93M 447,53
Loopring Loopring LRC/USDT 0.2 USDT 59,76M LRC $16,91M 446,85
Axie Infinity Axie Infinity AXS/USDT 4.36 USDT 3,91M AXS $16,85M 445,28
Qi Dao Qi Dao QI/ETH 0.001 ETH 6,73M QI $16,82M 444,63
Perpetual Protocol Perpetual Protocol PERP/USDT 7.30 USDT 2,33M PERP $16,78M 443,54
MileVerse MileVerse MVC/KRW 35.88 KRW 541,29M MVC $16,77M 443,32
Compound Wrapped BTC Compound Wrapped BTC CWBTC/WBTC 0.02 WBTC 22,1K CWBTC $16,74M 442,37
Tether Tether USDT/TWD 27.82 TWD 14,75M USDT $16,74M 442,34
NEO NEO NEO/KRW 56,892.84 KRW 336,83K NEO $16,63M 439,39
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/SXC 15,112.55 SXC 7,24K ETH $16,59M 438,5
Hoo Token Hoo Token HOO/USDT 0.6 USDT 24,1M HOO $16,59M 438,42
Orchid Protocol Orchid Protocol OXT/USDT 0.3 USDT 53,12M OXT $16,56M 437,7
Swipe Swipe SXP/BTC 0.00005 BTC 7,5M SXP $16,53M 436,8
Decred Decred DCR/USDT 130.38 USDT 128,61K DCR $16,51M 436,27
Siacoin Siacoin SC/USDT 0.01 USDT 1,13B SC $16,48M 435,61
Goes Up Higher Goes Up Higher GUH/WBNB 0.6 WBNB 75,14K GUH $16,43M 434,15
Augur Augur REP/USDT 18.22 USDT 918,04K REP $16,41M 433,79
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/WBNB 6.67 WBNB 6,43K ETH $16,26M 429,71
Poolz Finance Poolz Finance 0X69A95185EE2A045CDC4BCD1B1DF10710395E4E23/ETH 0.005 ETH 2,23M 0X69A95185EE2A045CDC4BCD1B1DF10710395E4E23 $16,21M 428,47
MovieBloc MovieBloc MBL/KRW 8.08 KRW 2,3B MBL $16,13M 426,19
Piction Network Piction Network PXL/KRW 18.90 KRW 963,37M PXL $16,04M 424,04
The Graph The Graph GRT/USD 0.6 USD 24,29M GRT $16,04M 424
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/KT 20,969.10 KT 5,49K ETH $16,02M 423,37
OBSERVER Coin OBSERVER Coin OBSR/KRW 4.56 KRW 3,98B OBSR $15,93M 420,95
ThunderCore ThunderCore TT/KRW 8.68 KRW 2,13B TT $15,92M 420,72
Shiba Inu Shiba Inu SHIB/ETH 0.000000003 ETH 2,03T SHIB $15,89M 420
Tezos Tezos XTZ/BTC 0.00009 BTC 4,23M XTZ $15,87M 419,36
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDK 2,345.54 USDK 6,81K ETH $15,78M 417,12
Gifto Gifto GTO/USDT 0.04 USDT 328,85M GTO $15,75M 416,2
cUNI cUNI CUNI/UNI 0.02 UNI 36,13M CUNI $15,7M 415,05
Phala Network Phala Network PHA/USDT 0.8 USDT 17,86M PHA $15,54M 410,78
Kyber Network Kyber Network KNC/USD 1.94 USD 8,11M KNC $15,48M 409,08
XT.com Token XT.com Token XT/SXC 67.14 SXC 1,52M XT $15,47M 408,76
BitTorrent BitTorrent BTT/TRY 0.02 TRY 4,74B BTT $15,44M 408,04
MVL MVL MVL/KRW 13.70 KRW 1,29B MVL $15,39M 406,87