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$6.59 3.6213%
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Toncoin Price $6.59 All-time high $7.63 Days since ATH 42
Price change $0.2303 (3.6213%) Date of ATH Apr 11, 2024 % of ATH -13.91%

Toncoin Review

Toncoin (code: TON)

Founded Date: Aug 17, 2021


Pavel Durov
Pavel Durov
Co-founder & CEO
Dr. Nikolai Durov
Dr. Nikolai Durov
Co-founder & CTO

Toncoin(TON) - Coin Trading Data

Toncoin Price $6.59
Ticker TON
Market Capitalization $22.84B
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $33.57B
Value 24h low $6.2
Value 24h high $6.6
Trade Volume for 24h $357.92M
Current Circulating Supply 3.47B
Maximum Supply 5.11B
ICO Price and ICO ROI
Price Change 24h % 3.6213%
TON quote $6.59
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $33.57B

Toncoin(TON) ATH - All Time High Price

Toncoin ATH Price $7.63
TON quote 42
ATH Date Apr 11, 2024
All Time High % -13.91%

Ton Profile

The Open Network is a platform that is an upgraded edition of the Telegram Open Network project, which is based on its own blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is a high-speed and secure blockchain network with excellent scalability and the ability to process more than a million transactions per second.

The TON is designed to be a platform for launching decentralized applications. Their developers can accept payments in TON cryptocurrency for using their utilities or buying products inside these programs.

The Open Network is used as the basis for many DApps and other projects. The most popular ones include TON Wallet and Tonkeeper, CryptoBot exchanger, Explorer TON SH, Tonometer for controlling the exchange rate or Notifi Bot for checking transactions.  

Among the features of The Open Network, the developers highlight the main features:

  1. Decentralization.
  2. Reliability and stability of the system.
  3. Simplified interface, convenient for all participants.
  4. Simple and secure storage of assets.
  5. The ability to run different services/applications.

The TON Components

The Open Network (TON) features a mix of the combined components.

TON P2PNetwork that is used to access the TON blockchain, send potential transactions and receive updates only about those segments of the blockchain that the customer is interested in
TON StorageTechnology for storing distributed files, used by the TON blockchain for storing archived copies of blocks and status data
TON DHTDistributed hash table modeled on the Kademlia version, which is used as a "torrent tracker" for TON Storage, and as a service finder for TON Services
TON PaymentsThis is the micropayment platform, micropayment channels and micropayment channel network. This platform can be used for fast off-chain value transactions, as well as for payments for services provided by TON Services
TON ProxyNetwork anonymizer layer, used to hide host identities and IP addresses of TON network nodes, if needed
TON ServicesPlatform for arbitrary services, located and accessible through the TON Network and TON Proxy, and featuring formalized interfaces that enable interaction with applications in a browser or smartphone
TON DNSService for assigning easy-to-read names to accounts, smart contracts, services, and network nodes

All these elements work perfectly in a team. To avoid various kinds of restrictions, the TON network contains a TON Proxy, which allows you to hide their real IP-addresses of users when they are in contact with some of the resources of the platform.

TON can become a browser for its own Global Network, and the TON storage is an alternative to classic hosting. As a result of combining TON-browser, TON Storage and TON DNS, we get an analogue of a modern Internet infrastructure, with its own internal payment system.

As a result, TON has the capabilities to provide easy integration with external communication applications and social networks, which will make blockchain technology and shared services available to ordinary users, rather than just a small number of initial cryptocurrency users.

TON History

  • In 2018, developers began work on the blockchain TON, with the cryptocurrency called Gram. There was also an attraction of $1.7 billion of investment for a private ICO.
  • In 2019 the development of the main components of the blockchain was completed. In October 2019, the U.S. SEC imposed a ban on the launch of the network. This led to a postponement of the launch date.
  • In May 2020, after a frustrating struggle with the U.S. regulator, the Telegram team shut down the project. But work on TON was continued thanks to the persistence of independent teams and developers.
  • In May 2021, the creation of a stable and fully secure blockchain with different services was finally completed.


The Open Network's native cryptocurrency serves as a transmission tool for transactions and fees on the network, and it is necessary for launching smart contracts. TONCOIN is also used as an incentive for validators in the Proof-of-Stake network. In addition to these standard functions, this coin has several unique roles in the ecosystem:

  • Payment for TON Storage decentralized data storage.
  • Payment for TON DNS domain names, as well as for hosting sites on the network.
  • Creation of additional cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies.
  • Payment for services in TON Services applications.
  • Payment for TON Proxy.
  • For decentralized management: holders can vote for or against the implementation of certain changes to the protocol.

Coin balance was limited to five billion coins, which means that TON Coin mining was not unlimited. Mining began when the miner source code was published on June 6, 2020 and on June 28, 2022, TON mining officially ended. The coins are all distributed at this time, and the only way to get new coins is through staking.


NFTs from The Open Network are more evolved than NFTs on Ethereum or another familiar network. This is because NFT usually only stores information for example, a link to a service on the traditional Internet where a picture is stored. This is not very convenient and not really centralized. But TON NFTs are different in that they store objects directly by themselves in the blockchain.

TON Features

When analyzing the Toncoin cryptocurrency, it raises questions about its distinctive features. These are an indicator of the project's originality and uniqueness. The main ones are:

  • Own blockchain with built-in versions for Ethereum and Binanans Smart Chain, which expands the possibilities of use in the future.
  • The presence of capabilities to address blockchain issues related to security, decentralization and bandwidth.
  • The ability of the Toncoin token to perform service tasks and advanced perspectives in functionality development.
  • The focus on providing great scalability.
  • Strict compliance with plans that are made in advance.


TON project is still very active, with the main features already up and running, while others are 40-90% ready. Users have a choice of native wallets for all platforms. Since the token works on Ethereum and BSC networks in addition to the main network, users can use special bridges to swap tokens from one standard to another.

The network promises to be one of the fastest and most scalable, and in addition, it offers many unique useful features. In 2023, the project is expected to expand even further as TON launches workchains that will allow seamless interaction with Bitcoin and Ethereum networks and their assets.

How much is a one Toncoin worth now?

1 Toncoin worth $6.59 now.

What is the price of TON?

The price of TON is $6.59.

What is the Toncoin max supply?

The max supply of Toncoin is 5.11B.

What is the Toncoin stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of Toncoin is TON.

How many TON coins are there in circulation?

There are 3.47B coins in circulation of TON.

What is the exchange rate of Toncoin(TON)?

The exchange rate of Toncoin is $6.59.

What was Toncoin's trading volume in 24 hours?

Toncoin's 24-hour trading volume is $357.92M.

What was the highest price paid for Toncoin?

Toncoin reached a record high of $7.63 on Apr 11, 2024

Toncoin Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 Tidex Tidex TON/USDT $6.58 $78.41M 26.45% a minute ago
2 OKX OKX TON/USDT $6.6 $53.37M 18.01% 6 minutes ago
3 Bybit Bybit TON/USDT $6.58 $37.75M 12.73% a minute ago
4 DigiFinex DigiFinex TON/USDT $6.58 $21.37M 7.21% 3 minutes ago
5 QMall QMall TON/USDT $6.61 $19.82M 6.69% 7 minutes ago
6 BigONE BigONE TON/USDT $6.27 $19.34M 6.53% 7 minutes ago
7 Bitget Bitget TON/USDT $6.6 $19.11M 6.45% 4 minutes ago
8 Gate.io Gate.io TON/USDT $6.6 $15.45M 5.21% 6 minutes ago
9 Bit2Me Bit2Me TON/USDT $6.61 $15.45M 5.21% 7 minutes ago
10 HTX HTX TON/USDT $6.6 $14.67M 4.95% 9 minutes ago
11 KuCoin KuCoin TON/USDT $6.61 $14.44M 4.87% 7 minutes ago
12 Poloniex Poloniex TON/USDT $6.59 $7.63M 2.57% 7 minutes ago
13 STON.fi STON.fi USDT/TON $0.9707 $6.91M 2.33% 13 minutes ago
14 OrangeX OrangeX TON/USDT $6.6 $6.57M 2.22% 6 minutes ago
15 HitBTC HitBTC TON/USDT $6.6 $5.28M 1.78% 8 minutes ago
16 C-Patex C-Patex TON/USDT $6.59 $4.81M 1.62% 5 minutes ago
17 Azbit Azbit TON/USDT $6.6 $3.99M 1.34% 6 minutes ago
18 MEXC MEXC TON/USDT $6.58 $3.76M 1.27% 9 minutes ago
19 Bitunix Bitunix TON/USDT $6.58 $3.48M 1.17% 11 minutes ago
20 Pionex Pionex TON/USDT $6.6 $2.95M 1% 5 minutes ago