Total marketcap
Total volume
BTC 49.91%     ETH 17.24%

Immutable IMX Price

$2.39 -1.8082%
  • ETH 0.0006
  • BTC 0.000035
ICO Price
Market cap
Low - High [24h]
$2.35 - $2.45
Vol [24h]
Cur - Max Supply
1.48B - 2B

Immutable Price chart

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Immutable Price $2.39 All-time high $9.52 Days since ATH 913
Price change -$0.043 (-1.8082%) Date of ATH Nov 26, 2021 % of ATH -74.92%

Immutable Review

Immutable (code: IMX)

Founded Date: Jun 1, 2018


James Ferguson
James Ferguson
Co-founder & CEO
Robbie Ferguson
Robbie Ferguson
Co-founder & President
Alex Connolly
Alex Connolly
Co-founder & CTO

Immutable(IMX) - Coin Trading Data

Immutable Price $2.39
Ticker IMX
Market Capitalization $3.54B
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $4.78B
Value 24h low $2.35
Value 24h high $2.45
Trade Volume for 24h $42.1M
Current Circulating Supply 1.48B
Maximum Supply 2B
ICO Price and ICO ROI
Price Change 24h % -1.8082%
IMX quote $2.39
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $4.78B

Immutable(IMX) ATH - All Time High Price

Immutable ATH Price $9.52
IMX quote 913
ATH Date Nov 26, 2021
All Time High % -74.92%

Immutablex Profile

Immutable X is a next-generation NFT Ethereum commerce protocol that provides users with instant trade confirmation, high scalability, and no gas fees by providing it with a second layer. It is capable of processing up to about 9,000 transactions per second, ensuring the proper level of security and maintaining the network effect of the Ethereum blockchain.

Irreplaceable tokens, or NFTs, represent a new category of digital assets. NFTs involve all things starting from digital trading cards, all the way to art and virtual real estate or gaming items.

Yet the Ethereum blockchain, which is still the most popular place to issue and trade NFTs, is not doing quite well. Some NFTs have literally choked the system, and the gas fees have become incredibly expensive.

With Immutable X, costs and throughput are now no longer dependent on the state of the Ethereum ecosystem. Consequently, bandwidth increases while the cost structure is based on revenue generated by customers and not gas fees on the network.

As a result, Immutable X has attracted a lot of attention with its integration with Rarible since the beginning of 2022. In addition, this company has also:

  • partnership with GameStop;
  • cooperation with Mastercard;
  • implementation with Ember Sword and Illuvium;
  • creation a third tier on top of the second tier;
  • provision of free NFT to ApeCoin holders ;
  • launch of IMX Stacking.

History of Immutable X

  • In 2018, James Ferguson, an entrepreneur, made the decision to create Immutable X.
  • In 2019, Immutable X received Series A funding .
  • In 2021, Immutable X was officially launched. Its cryptocurrency has the same name as the platform known as IMX.
Immutable Roadmap

Immutable Roadmap

Immutable X Protocol Architecture

Immutable X is an open-source and highly scalable Layer 2 protocol. It is designed to be easy to create, use and trade thanks to the existence of four main components in its architecture, which are:

  1. StarkEx ZK Rollup: StarkWare's proprietary technology that uses the ZK-STARK cryptographic protocol instead of ZK-SNARK. ZK Rollup is a second-tier software solution that combines hundreds of transactions into one, which is then partitioned by smart contracts to verify each one individually.
  2. The API and SDK are special tools aimed at developers and partners that allow them to easily create and deploy applications on the Immutable X protocol.
  3. Immutable X Link, which is an intermediate layer of the protocol based on the no-trust principle.
  4. Immutable X Trading Platform which is the basic trading platform on the Immutable X protocol.

IMX Token

IMX is an ERC-20 service token for the Immutable X protocol, which was developed to stimulate NFT implementation and help creators, gamers, and developers.

The IMX token allows holders to stack, participate in management and pay transaction fees. It can also be traded like any other ERC-20 token, which can be very appealing to some users.

Immutable X Marketplace

The Immutable X trading platform is a core platform for trading non-interchangeable tokens, which ensures that users and developers will always have at least one place to trade in the protocol. It also lowers the entry threshold for content creators and small developers who lack the resources to build their own trading platform.

In addition, it allows users to check old transactions and transaction history, which provides features that are typical of most venues for trading non-interchangeable Level 1 tokens.

Advantages of the Immutable X Project

The Immutable X project has a number of advantages that make it attractive to developers and users:

High speed and low feesThe use of Zk-rollup technology makes possible to achieve high speed transaction processing and low fees in the Ethereum blockchain.
High level of securityImmutable X contracts are hosted in the Ethereum blockchain, which provides a high level of security and decentralization.
Ease of useUsers can sign off-chain transactions, which simplifies the transaction process and makes it more convenient for them.
Eco-friendlinessUsing Immutable X reduces the energy consumption of the Ethereum blockchain, making it more environmentally friendly.
Multiple application supportImmutable X can be used for a wide range of applications, including games, NFT markets, digital collections and decentralized finance.
Improved developer capabilitiesImmutable X provides developers with the tools for creating high-quality applications and games on the Ethereum blockchain.
Strong community supportImmutable X has an active community of developers and users who actively support and develop the project.
Zero gas feeThe Immutable X is built on StarkWare's advanced Zk-rollup technology, allowing users to quickly mint and exchange NFTs without gas fees.

Disadvantages of the Immutable X Project

Despite the many advantages, the Immutable X project also has a few disadvantages:

Lack of decentralizationAlthough Immutable X tries to provide a high level of decentralization, some experts believe that the project does not achieve enough decentralization because the contracts are located on a single blockchain.
Security risksAs with any blockchain, Immutable X has potential security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to hack contracts or steal funds.
Regulatory risksLike other blockchain projects, Immutable X may face regulatory risks in different jurisdictions, which may affect its operation and development.
High complexityBlockchain application development requires some knowledge and skill, so for many developers, additional effort and resources may be required to use Immutable X.
Low user awarenessTo be adopted by the masses, blockchain applications, including Immutable X, must have a user-friendly interface to appeal to a wide audience. However, many users may not be sufficiently aware of blockchain and its capabilities.


Immutable X is a scalable and environmentally friendly NFT solution that has significant growth potential. With its unique technology and a growing number of NFT games and projects, Immutable X can become a key player in the development of the NFT market.

In addition, the Immutable X project has strong investment prospects for further development as well as growth in the price of IMX.

  • Blockchain applications and the NFT market continue to grow and evolve, and in this context, the Immutable X project could become a sought-after solution for many developers and users. The use of Zk-rollup technology and high-speed transaction processing could become attractive to many Ethereum blockchain users who are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to perform transactions.
  • The developers of Immutable X are actively working to improve and expand the functionality of the platform, including support for new tokens and enhancements to developer tools. This can attract more developers and users, which helps to further grow the Immutable X ecosystem.

How much is a one Immutable worth now?

1 Immutable worth $2.39 now.

What is the price of IMX?

The price of IMX is $2.39.

What is the Immutable max supply?

The max supply of Immutable is 2B.

What is the Immutable stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of Immutable is IMX.

How many IMX coins are there in circulation?

There are 1.48B coins in circulation of IMX.

What is the exchange rate of Immutable(IMX)?

The exchange rate of Immutable is $2.39.

What was Immutable's trading volume in 24 hours?

Immutable's 24-hour trading volume is $42.1M.

What was the highest price paid for Immutable?

Immutable reached a record high of $9.52 on Nov 26, 2021

Immutable Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 Biconomy Biconomy IMX/USDT $2.39 $8.75M 18.26% 4 minutes ago
2 Poloniex Poloniex IMX/USDT $2.38 $6.22M 12.98% 6 minutes ago
3 Binance Binance IMX/USDT $2.39 $4.18M 8.71% 3 minutes ago
4 Upbit Upbit IMX/KRW $2.43 $3.12M 6.5% 3 minutes ago
5 Deepcoin Deepcoin IMX/USDT $2.39 $2.27M 4.75% 6 minutes ago
6 Bitunix Bitunix IMX/USDT $2.39 $1.68M 3.5% 3 minutes ago
7 HTX HTX IMX/USDT $2.39 $1.63M 3.39% 2 minutes ago
8 Coinbase Exchange Coinbase Exchange IMX/USD $2.39 $1.52M 3.17% 5 minutes ago
9 Bibox Bibox IMX/USDT $2.4 $1.41M 2.94% 6 minutes ago
10 Bybit Bybit IMX/USDT $2.39 $1.32M 2.75% 9 minutes ago
11 bitcastle bitcastle IMX/USDT $2.39 $1.21M 2.51% 5 minutes ago
12 OrangeX OrangeX IMX/USDT $2.39 $1.12M 2.34% 5 minutes ago
13 DigiFinex DigiFinex IMX/USDT $2.39 $1.12M 2.33% 2 minutes ago
14 Trubit Trubit IMX/USDT $2.4 $995.25K 2.08% 7 minutes ago
15 OKX OKX IMX/USDT $2.39 $807.63K 1.68% 9 minutes ago
16 P2B P2B IMX/USDT $2.39 $783.95K 1.64% 13 hours ago
17 Icrypex Icrypex IMX/USDT $2.39 $772.07K 1.61% 5 minutes ago
18 Phemex Phemex IMX/USDT $2.39 $738.66K 1.54% 4 minutes ago
19 Tapbit Tapbit IMX/USDT $2.39 $698.53K 1.46% 3 minutes ago
20 XT.COM XT.COM IMX/USDT $2.39 $553.95K 1.16% 5 minutes ago