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$0.1109 0.3599%
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ICO Price
0.00186 USD
0.00000038 BTC
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$0.109 - $0.1111
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87.6B - 87.6B

TRON Price chart

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TRON Price $0.1109 All-time high $0.2316 Days since ATH 2298
Price change $0.0003979 (0.3599%) Date of ATH Jan 5, 2018 % of ATH -52.12%

TRON Review

TRON (code: TRX)

Founded Date: Jul 25, 2018


Justin Sun
Justin Sun

TRON(TRX) - Coin Trading Data

TRON Price $0.1109
Ticker TRX
Market Capitalization $9.72B
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $9.72B
Value 24h low $0.109
Value 24h high $0.1111
Trade Volume for 24h $355.73M
Current Circulating Supply 87.6B
Maximum Supply 87.6B
ICO Price and ICO ROI 0.00186 USD 59.62x, 0.00000038 BTC 4.52x
Price Change 24h % 0.3599%
TRX quote $0.1109
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $9.72B

TRON(TRX) ATH - All Time High Price

TRON ATH Price $0.2316
TRX quote 2298
ATH Date Jan 5, 2018
All Time High % -52.12%

Tron Profile

TRON is an online platform for online entertainment applications or content based on blockchain technology. It can be compared to Google Play and AppStore, for which TRON is a direct competitor, since the platform is mainly focused on hosting computer games and applications.

Technically, TRON is an open-source blockchain. This network functions on the basis of DpoS technology. The main competitors of the project are EOS and Ethereum.

Currently, the Tron Network handles about 2,000 transactions per second sequentially: almost eighty times faster than the Ethereum network, and more than 500 times faster than the Bitcoin network. At the same time, TRON Wallet's own cryptocurrency wallet makes the process as convenient as possible and supports not only TRX, but also other Tron Network coins.

TRON System

The TRON system is divided into three layers:

  1. Storage: network and status blocks are stored here, and there is also an open-source neutral framework for remote procedure invocation;
  2. Core: this layer contains modules for consensus, account management and smart contracts;
  3. Applications: at the application level, it is possible to create decentralized applications in various languages such as Java, Python, Scala, C++, Go and Protobuf.

TRON Ecosystem

This platform has a massive ecosystem. It currently includes the following components.

WinkLinkAn option that helps provide data to smart contracts on the TRON network.
SunSwapThe protocol used to exchange data inside the TRON network.
JustLendLending service.
JustStableRepresents a decentralized lending platform focused on Stablecoins.
DAppsAn option needed to support decentralized applications.
ScannerThis device is a TRON-based blockchain explorer.
TronLinkThe platform's cryptocurrency wallet. The coin is also integrated into several other e-wallets.

The platform is actively developing, particularly by merging with other services. For example, the company has purchased BitTorrent, the developer of uTorrent and BitTorrent clients that are well-known to people.

The mentioned absorption allowed the company to engage in its own crosschain solution BitTorrent Chain, which is a technology that allows scaling TRON.

History of Tron

  • In August 2017, blockchain enthusiast Justin Sun decided to develop a blockchain-based entertainment ecosystem that would allow any Internet user to store, publish and share entertainment content. The project was named Tron.Justin Sun said he wanted every Internet user to have unrestricted access to entertainment content such as online gaming, betting, social networking, calling, streaming, chatting, and more. Tron differs from traditional websites and platforms in that it will use blockchain and smart contracts. Thanks to Tron, content providers will interact with ordinary users directly, without Google Play, Apple Store and other third parties.
  • On September 2, 2017, the ICO TRON was successfully held, attracting about 15,000 bitcoins. 40% of these coins were sold to investors for a total issuance of 100 billion coins. The remaining part was given to the TRON Foundation, and the first investors.
  • In December 2017, the TRON open-source protocol was launched. And by the time TRON MainNet was launched on May 31, 2018, the platform had already gained worldwide popularity and had become quite popular among users, developers and investors.

What's interesting is that the creators of the coin released the entire amount of TRON worldwide at once. The emission totaled 100 billion coins. Forty billion were sold during the ICO, and the remaining sixty billion were frozen for further gradual implementation into the network in order to support its operation, and to maintain the value of the token.


Like most other blockchain platforms, Tron has its own token, called TRX, which is used as a payment and rewards tool. The token can be obtained by posting quality and useful content.

It was created on the TRON protocol. TRX coin was originally released using Ethereum, accordingly, had the ERC20 standard. However, after the migration, which took place from June 21-25, 2018, the token was fully migrated to TRON MainNet.

TRX became one of the few coins that was able to take the leadership position in terms of capitalization within such a short period of time:

  • In 2018, TRX was one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization.
  • In 2019, this cryptocurrency has practically maintained its position, being in 11th place in the CoinMarketcap ranking.

How to Get TRON

The easiest way to become a crypto owner is to buy tokens on an exchange or online exchanger. You can also spend them there by exchanging them for other digital currencies or fiat money. Tokens can also be spent in the system itself, for example, to buy a computer game.

As for mining, initially it was impossible to mine TRX because the tokens were issued immediately. But, due to the increasing number of cases of cryptocurrency theft by hackers, the creators of TRON decided to secure themselves and introduce some kind of mining.

"Mining" in the system can be done in two ways.

  1. The first option is similar to a bank deposit. Since Tron has purchased BitTorrent with its own token in the summer of 2018, owners of the original Tron wallets with TRX coins began to receive a certain amount of BTT coins to their wallets. Thereafter, these coins can be exchanged for TRX on any cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. Tron also has a system of validators that can increase the number of transactions processed. The maximum possible number of validators in the network is limited to 27, and these validators are selected by a vote of cryptocurrency system members.

To become a validator, you must have significant credibility in the network. Validators cannot mine crypto in the classic sense of the word, but they can be rewarded by network users as a commission for processed transactions.

The TRON system also has a position of super-partner. A user who actively participates in the development of the payment system can become a super-partner. Super-partners can make proposals for the development of the network and receive a certain number of tokens as a reward, but they do not take part in the financial transaction processing.

Future of TRON

  • The company has established good relationships with a number of major corporations. In particular, the TRON platform began cooperating with Samsung in 2019. Thanks to this, owners of the South Korean Galaxy S10 smartphone were able to use TRONDApps.
  • TRON is also working closely with oBike, a service created for bike sharing; it is focused on providing services in Southeast Asia. The oCoin token has been placed on the TRON network, allowing users to buy bike rides through oBike.
  • In addition, the TRON platform has partnered with Bitmain, which is one of the largest manufacturers of ASIC chips for BTC mining.

How much is a one TRON worth now?

1 TRON worth $0.1109 now.

What is the price of TRX?

The price of TRX is $0.1109.

What is the TRON max supply?

The max supply of TRON is 87.6B.

What is the TRON stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of TRON is TRX.

How many TRX coins are there in circulation?

There are 87.6B coins in circulation of TRX.

What is the exchange rate of TRON(TRX)?

The exchange rate of TRON is $0.1109.

What was TRON's trading volume in 24 hours?

TRON's 24-hour trading volume is $355.73M.

What was the highest price paid for TRON?

TRON reached a record high of $0.2316 on Jan 5, 2018

TRON Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 Binance Binance TRX/USDT $0.1107 $40.35M 10.73% 19 hours ago
2 Coinsbit Coinsbit TRX/USDT $0.1107 $27.84M 7.41% 18 hours ago
3 BiONE BiONE TRX/USDT $0.1107 $20.74M 5.52% 18 hours ago
4 DigiFinex DigiFinex TRX/USDT $0.1107 $19.5M 5.19% 18 hours ago
5 LATOKEN LATOKEN TRX/USDT $0.1107 $17.96M 4.78% 19 hours ago
6 Azbit Azbit TRX/USDT $0.1107 $16.63M 4.42% 18 hours ago
7 LBank LBank TRX/USDT $0.1107 $13.75M 3.66% 19 hours ago
8 Nami.Exchange Nami.Exchange TRX/VNST $0.1107 $13.01M 3.46% 18 hours ago
9 Nami.Exchange Nami.Exchange TRX/USDT $0.1107 $12.87M 3.42% 18 hours ago
10 Biconomy Biconomy TRX/USDT $0.1107 $10.26M 2.73% 18 hours ago
11 Upbit Upbit TRX/KRW $0.1178 $10.03M 2.67% 18 hours ago
12 HTX HTX TRX/USDT $0.1107 $9.98M 2.65% 19 hours ago
13 OrangeX OrangeX TRX/USDT $0.1107 $9.89M 2.63% 18 hours ago
14 MEXC MEXC TRX/USDT $0.1107 $9.15M 2.43% 19 hours ago
15 CoinTR Pro CoinTR Pro TRX/USDT $0.1107 $7.05M 1.87% 18 hours ago