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List of all trading pairs

All trading pairs sorted by trade volume with exchanges
  Coin Pair Price Volume in base currency 24h volume 24h volume in BTC
ApeX ApeX APEX/USDT 0.3 USDT 6.26M APEX $2.07M 122.31
Trust Wallet Trust Wallet TWT/BTC 0.0001 BTC 998.49K TWT $2.07M 122.19
Wing Finance Wing Finance WING/USDT 6.37 USDT 325.21K WING $2.07M 122.1
Gas Gas GAS/BTC 0.0001 BTC 925.37K GAS $2.07M 121.95
Band Protocol Band Protocol BAND/USD 1.85 USD 1.11M BAND $2.06M 121.78
Ankr Ankr ANKR/KRW 30.20 KRW 89.54M ANKR $2.06M 121.48
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/WBNB 4.23 WBNB 1.64K ETH $2.05M 121.3
Astar Astar ASTR/USDT 0.03 USDT 52.23M ASTR $2.05M 121.05
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/XTUSD 1,266.59 XTUSD 1.64K ETH $2.04M 120.55
MileVerse MileVerse MVC/KRW 4.87 KRW 551.14M MVC $2.04M 120.43
Vita Inu Vita Inu VINU/USDT 0.00000001 USDT 150.09T VINU $2.03M 119.82
Göztepe S.K. Fan Token Göztepe S.K. Fan Token GOZ/TRY 17.05 TRY 2.21M GOZ $2.02M 119.38
WETH WETH WETH/CRV 1,908.28 CRV 1.65K WETH $2.02M 119.27
AscendEx AscendEx BTMX/USDT 0.09 USDT 22.24M BTMX $2.01M 118.53
eCash eCash XEC/USDT 0.00002 USDT 68.25B XEC $2.01M 118.47
Waves Waves WAVES/TRY 44.74 TRY 834.2K WAVES $2M 118.32
NEAR Protocol NEAR Protocol NEAR/USD 1.72 USD 1.17M NEAR $2M 118.06
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDD 17,039.54 USDD 119.5 BTC $2M 117.92
Marlin Marlin POND/BUSD 0.008 BUSD 229.41M POND $1.99M 117.77
Binance Bitcoin Binance Bitcoin BTCB/BUSD 16,835.82 BUSD 118.6 BTCB $1.98M 117.16
OKC OKC OKT/USDT 17.44 USDT 112.3K OKT $1.98M 117.08
Compound Compound COMP/USD 37.69 USD 52.41K COMP $1.98M 116.7
Argentine Football Association Fan Token Argentine Football Association Fan Token ARG/TRY 69.79 TRY 527.51K ARG $1.98M 116.68
Reserve Rights Reserve Rights RSR/BUSD 0.004 BUSD 451.63M RSR $1.97M 116.58
DUSK Network DUSK Network DUSK/USDT 0.09 USDT 20.63M DUSK $1.96M 115.87
Escoin Escoin ELG/USDT 3.25 USDT 600.95K ELG $1.96M 115.66
TikToken TikToken TIKTOKEN/USDT 0.000000001 USDT 1.16Quad TIKTOKEN $1.95M 115.27
Tribe Tribe TRIBE/USDT 0.2 USDT 9.39M TRIBE $1.95M 115.09
MetaBeat MetaBeat $BEAT/USDT 0.02 USDT 82.68M $BEAT $1.95M 115.05
Basic Attention Basic Attention BAT/KRW 317.93 KRW 7.99M BAT $1.93M 114.06
Qtum Qtum QTUM/BTC 0.0001 BTC 880.48K QTUM $1.93M 114.04
Dai Dai DAI/EUR 0.9 EUR 1.93M DAI $1.93M 113.69
Nimiq Nimiq NIM/USDT 0.001 USDT 1.73B NIM $1.93M 113.67
Bancor Network Bancor Network BNT/USDT 0.3 USDT 4.99M BNT $1.92M 113.18
P2P solutions foundation P2P solutions foundation P2PS/ETH 0.03 ETH 45.82K P2PS $1.91M 112.89
Power Ledger Power Ledger POWR/USDT 0.1 USDT 12.57M POWR $1.91M 112.74
Internet Computer Internet Computer ICP/BUSD 4.06 BUSD 469.07K ICP $1.91M 112.69
Binance ETH staking Binance ETH staking BETH/USDT 1,222.40 USDT 1.58K BETH $1.91M 112.65
Gas Gas GAS/BUSD 2.25 BUSD 844.56K GAS $1.9M 112.46
Maple Maple MPL/USDC 6.94 USDC 276.09K MPL $1.9M 112.29
Galxe Galxe GAL/BUSD 1.58 BUSD 1.2M GAL $1.9M 111.92
LTO Network LTO Network LTO/USDT 0.07 USDT 24.25M LTO $1.9M 111.91
The Graph The Graph GRT/USD 0.06 USD 29.86M GRT $1.89M 111.66
USDD USDD USDD/TRX 18.27 TRX 1.89M USDD $1.89M 111.64
1inch 1inch 1INCH/KRW 710.04 KRW 3.49M 1INCH $1.89M 111.38
Curve DAO Curve DAO CRV/BUSD 0.6 BUSD 2.8M CRV $1.88M 111.19
Polygon Polygon MATIC/BNB 0.002 BNB 2.15M MATIC $1.88M 110.98
Dash Dash DASH/USD 43.63 USD 43.01K DASH $1.88M 110.86
SOMESING SOMESING SSX/KRW 22.30 KRW 110.46M SSX $1.87M 110.6
BNB BNB BNB/RUNE 237.17 RUNE 6.19K BNB $1.87M 110.6
BENQI BENQI QI/USDT 0.008 USDT 227.52M QI $1.87M 110.15
Newscrypto Coin Newscrypto Coin NWC/USDT 0.05 USDT 31.2M NWC $1.86M 109.59
BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX SAVAX/WAVAX 1.05 WAVAX 135.56K SAVAX $1.86M 109.57
Binance USD Binance USD BUSD/USD 0.9 USD 1.85M BUSD $1.86M 109.52
Stacks Stacks STX/TRY 4.75 TRY 7.27M STX $1.85M 109.45
Alchemix Alchemix ALCX/BUSD 18.20 BUSD 101.58K ALCX $1.85M 109.42
MultiversX (Elrond) MultiversX (Elrond) ERD/BTC 0.002 BTC 42.83K ERD $1.85M 109.31
Manchester City Fan Token Manchester City Fan Token CITY/USDT 4.18 USDT 442.33K CITY $1.85M 109.25
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/LTC 16.23 LTC 1.45K ETH $1.84M 108.88
Orbs Orbs ORBS/USDT 0.02 USDT 72.85M ORBS $1.84M 108.59
NEM NEM XEM/KRW 44.10 KRW 54.68M XEM $1.83M 108.32
CanaryX CanaryX CNYX/USDT 0.001 USDT 918.48M CNYX $1.83M 108.3
Ontology Gas Ontology Gas ONG/USDT 0.2 USDT 7.08M ONG $1.83M 108.2
Threshold Network Threshold Network T/USDT 0.01 USDT 99.1M T $1.83M 108.18
0x 0x ZRX/USD 0.2 USD 9.14M ZRX $1.83M 108.06
WOM Protocol WOM Protocol WOM/USDT 0.02 USDT 71.26M WOM $1.83M 107.79
Dego Finance Dego Finance DEGO/USDT 1.78 USDT 1.02M DEGO $1.82M 107.73
Civic Civic CVC/KRW 141.00 KRW 17.01M CVC $1.82M 107.73
XT.com XT.com XT/BTC 0.0001 BTC 886.17K XT $1.82M 107.62
Lido Staked Matic Lido Staked Matic STMATIC/WMATIC 1.05 WMATIC 1.98M STMATIC $1.82M 107.21
Sushi Sushi SUSHI/BNB 0.004 BNB 1.28M SUSHI $1.81M 107.13
XEN Crypto XEN Crypto XEN/USDT 0.000005 USDT 297.14B XEN $1.81M 107
Kunci Coin Kunci Coin KUNCI/USDT 0.03 USDT 58.92M KUNCI $1.81M 106.97
The Sandbox The Sandbox SAND/USDC 0.5 USDC 3.12M SAND $1.81M 106.83
Decentraland Decentraland MANA/USD 0.4 USD 4.46M MANA $1.81M 106.74
StormX StormX STORM/USDT 0.005 USDT 341.75M STORM $1.8M 106.47
Pundi X Pundi X PUNDIX/KRW 524.84 KRW 4.51M PUNDIX $1.8M 106.28
Quant Quant QNT/BTC 0.007 BTC 15.01K QNT $1.8M 106.13
Litecoin Litecoin LTC/UAH 3,126.02 UAH 21.19K LTC $1.8M 106.04
WETH WETH WETH/SUPER 11,209.93 SUPER 1.47K WETH $1.79M 105.95
Tezos Tezos XTZ/BTC 0.00005 BTC 1.79M XTZ $1.79M 105.88
Orion Protocol Orion Protocol ORN/BUSD 0.9 BUSD 1.9M ORN $1.78M 105.28
Render Render RNDR/TRY 9.20 TRY 3.61M RNDR $1.78M 105.08
WAX WAX WAXP/USDT 0.05 USDT 30.5M WAXP $1.78M 104.97
DeFiChain DeFiChain DFI/USDT 0.4 USDT 3.83M DFI $1.78M 104.95
Polkadot Polkadot DOT/EUR 5.22 EUR 327.56K DOT $1.77M 104.71
dForce dForce DF/USDT 0.04 USDT 39.3M DF $1.76M 103.99
Bonfida Bonfida FIDA/BUSD 0.4 BUSD 4.25M FIDA $1.75M 103.32
Zcash Zcash ZEC/USD 42.63 USD 40.76K ZEC $1.74M 102.64
Ariva Ariva ARV/USDT 0.00009 USDT 18.52B ARV $1.74M 102.5
Pocketcoin Pocketcoin PKOIN/USDT 0.6 USDT 2.75M PKOIN $1.74M 102.46
Xeno Xeno XNO/KRW 11.48 KRW 197.91M XNO $1.73M 102.08
NvirWorld NvirWorld NVIR/USDT 0.02 USDT 57.54M NVIR $1.73M 101.88
GMX GMX GMX/BUSD 45.31 BUSD 37.81K GMX $1.72M 101.44
Syscoin Syscoin SYS/USDT 0.1 USDT 14.42M SYS $1.71M 101.16
apM Coin apM Coin APM/KRW 21.25 KRW 105.88M APM $1.71M 101.05
Prom Prom PROM/USDT 4.40 USDT 389.06K PROM $1.71M 100.96
Note Note NOTE/USDC 1.02 USDC 1.68M NOTE $1.7M 100.59
Force of Nature Force of Nature FON/USDT 0.7 USDT 2.16M FON $1.7M 100.47
Polkadot Polkadot DOT/BNB 0.01 BNB 313.42K DOT $1.7M 100.43