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Litecoin LTC Price

$83.88 -0.8069%
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Litecoin Price chart

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Litecoin Price $83.88 All-time high $410.26 Days since ATH 1105
Price change -$0.682 (-0.8069%) Date of ATH May 10, 2021 % of ATH -79.56%

Litecoin Review

Litecoin (code: LTC)

Founded Date: Feb 2, 2010


Charlie Lee
Charlie Lee
Founder & Director

Litecoin(LTC) - Coin Trading Data

Litecoin Price $83.88
Ticker LTC
Market Capitalization $6.25B
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $7.04B
Value 24h low $83.61
Value 24h high $84.6
Trade Volume for 24h $178.15M
Current Circulating Supply 74.55M
Maximum Supply 84M
ICO Price and ICO ROI
Price Change 24h % -0.8069%
LTC quote $83.88
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $7.04B

Litecoin(LTC) ATH - All Time High Price

Litecoin ATH Price $410.26
LTC quote 1105
ATH Date May 10, 2021
All Time High % -79.56%

Litecoin Profile

Litecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin. Launched on October 7, 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. Litecoin is often referred to as "digital silver" (as opposed to "digital gold," which is Bitcoin).

It is a peer-to-peer network composed as a chain of linked transaction information blocks. The network is formed by the voluntary support of participants, who provide their computing power to process transactions and generate blocks.

LightCoin is also a blockchain payment system through which transactions and funds can be transferred from one user to another. It is both peer-to-peer and decentralized, which means that it is not controlled by any organization or government.

Litecoin History

This digital currency was created in October 2011 by Charles Lee on the GitHub service. At the time of development, he wrote the code alone, while continuing to work for Google.

In May 2017, Litecoin switched to the SegWit protocol, which increased the malleability of Litecoin blockchain transactions, making Litecoin transactions faster.

Litecoin Technology

The Litecoin cryptocurrency is known for its high blockchain transaction speed and minimal transaction fees. The difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin involves the used script.

In Bitcoin it is SHA-256, while in LTC it is Scrypt (or S-crypt). This technical detail is more important for miners. Scrypt is a more complex algorithm where SHA-256 is a subroutine. The efficiency of mining depends on RAM ( operating memory ), not on performance like in BTC.

Scrypt-based block hashing

Scrypt-based block hashing for the blockchain networks

Benefits of Litecoin

The main advantages of cryptocurrency are:

  • Less volatility. The exchange rate of Litecoin does not fluctuate as much compared to BTC. Big market capitalization and not such wide interest of media and public, allows LightCoin to be stable. Also, there is no strict correlation with the price of Bitcoin, which makes silver cryptocurrency a good exchange-traded asset or even an investment tool. Despite its generally lower volatility, Litecoin has exhibited noticeable growth trends, particularly around its halving events.
  • Public Leader. If the BTC is backed by some anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto and a group of developers unknown to the public, the face of LiteCoin is Charlie Lee. He is the first one to inform the audience about changes and actively participates in the life of the LTC community.
  • Transaction speed. It takes only two and a half minutes to create a new block in the LTC network while transactions require only two confirmations. This allows many transactions at once and establishes LTC's potential as a payment instrument.
  • Level of protection. Because of high transaction speed, the probability of performing duplicate attacks in the network is reduced. In addition, in the official LTC wallet, every transaction is performed with password entry.

Litecoin Mining

An important feature of Litecoin is a different hashing algorithm called Scrypt. Standard processors or video cards can handle it as well as bitcoin SHA256, but a chip designed specifically to calculate bitcoin blocks will not be able to mine cryptocurrencies using other algorithms.

You can mine crypto with specially purchased personal equipment, or you can choose a litecoin pool which is one of the many communities of users who share their available equipment.

Before spending money to buy equipment, you should figure out how to mine LightCoin at the best possible cost. For example, investing money in a computer system with a powerful processor is no good. It will not be able to bring profit to the owner, and will consume expensive electricity.

AntMiner L3 Scrypt ASIC

AntMiner L3++ Scrypt ASIC Litecoin Miner


With the expansion of the network and the increasing number of users using the unique computing capabilities of ASIC systems, Litecoin mining on video cards and CPUs is no longer profitable. Moreover, the money earned in this way is no longer worth enough to pay the incoming power bills. Nowadays miners are required to have their own ASIC device and to be a member of a pool community.

The main problem a beginning LTC miner faces is very high cost of necessary equipment. The price of popular ASIC systems starts from 1600 USD, and the opportunity of pure earnings on them, taking into account the electricity payment, reduced to about one dollar a day. It is easy to calculate that the cost of buying the device in the current environment can pay off not earlier than after four years.

More productive ASIC devices generate more income, but their purchase price is also higher, which leads the overall level of profitability and payback to about the same figures. There are several objective factors responsible for the decline in income for Litecoin miners:

  • The growing complexity of the Litecoin network, which keeps coin issuance under control.
  • The progressive decrease in the size of the reward for computed blocks.
  • The market rate of LTC is declining.

These statistics prove that solo Litecoin mining can currently be considered a profitable activity only with serious limitations. Instead of trying to earn alone, it is more profitable to choose a promising pool and mine virtual coins together with other miners.

How to buy Litecoin

Cryptocurrency is traded separately, on platforms created specifically for this purpose. As of January 2022, there are quite a few crypto-exchanges. Some of them are familiar to everyone: Binance, Coinbase. Others are more familiar to professionals: Kraken, Bifinex and others.

The procedure for buying cryptocurrency is pretty standard for all of them: you enter, create an account, put money into it and make deals.

Litecoin Storage

There are several recommended wallets on the cryptocurrency's official website:

  • Litecoin Core is created and supported by Litecoin developers. It is a desktop client with support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It belongs to the category of wallets that require downloading the cryptocurrency blockchain to the user's computer hard drive;
  • Electrum is a light version for PC. Does not require downloading the blockchain, and is compatible with all popular platforms;
  • LoafWallet is a mobile LiteCoin wallet with Android, and iOS support.

Litecoin Foundation Projects

  1. The first is the possibility of launching your own Litecoin network node called Litecoin Core. Anyone can download the necessary software to their computer and start supporting Litecoin blockchain.
  2. The second is its own Litecoin Card debit card. It offers users the ability to fund their accounts with Litecoin and other supported cryptocurrencies, and have the ability to pay everywhere as with an ordinary credit card. The Litecoin Card is already supported by Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  3. The third is the company's own Lightning Network, launched in 2018. Like bitcoin, which also has such a network, it is a second-tier solution designed to solve one of the biggest problems of cryptocurrencies, which is a scalability.

Lightning Network micropayments are based on smart contracts. Commissions on this network are much lower than those charged by miners on the main blockchain, because the work done by Lightning Network nodes is much simpler than the work done by miners.

Bitcoin and Litecoin Comparison

Although there are many similarities between these cryptocurrencies, they have significant differences.

BlocksMiningTransaction speedNumber of coins
Litecoin forms blocks in the same way as Bitcoin, but uses different hash search functions: Litecoin uses Scrypt, while Bitcoin uses SHA-256.LightCoin's hash search function has its own special feature, which is computation "serialization," which is something Bitcoin does not have. As a result, the Bitcoin script needs more RAM.reating a block in Bitcoin requires significantly more time than a block in LightCoin. In the first case, it can take about 10 minutes, while with Lightcoin it takes a maximum of 2.5 minutes.Bitcoin has a total of 21 million coins created, while Lightcoin has 84 million.

How much is a one Litecoin worth now?

1 Litecoin worth $83.88 now.

What is the price of LTC?

The price of LTC is $83.88.

What is the Litecoin max supply?

The max supply of Litecoin is 84M.

What is the Litecoin stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of Litecoin is LTC.

How many LTC coins are there in circulation?

There are 74.55M coins in circulation of LTC.

What is the exchange rate of Litecoin(LTC)?

The exchange rate of Litecoin is $83.88.

What was Litecoin's trading volume in 24 hours?

Litecoin's 24-hour trading volume is $178.15M.

What was the highest price paid for Litecoin?

Litecoin reached a record high of $410.26 on May 10, 2021

Litecoin Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 FTX TR FTX TR LTC/USD $213.19 $49.11M 16.12% a year ago
2 CITEX CITEX LTC/USDT $84.28 $36.84M 12.1% 5 minutes ago
3 Binance Binance LTC/USDT $84.37 $15.39M 5.05% 3 minutes ago
4 YoBit YoBit LTC/BTC $84.55 $11.84M 3.89% 5 minutes ago
5 BigONE BigONE LTC/USDT $84.48 $9.81M 3.22% 3 minutes ago
6 HTX HTX LTC/USDT $84.06 $9.23M 3.03% a minute ago
7 FTX TR FTX TR LTC/USDT $209.62 $8.11M 2.66% a year ago
8 Azbit Azbit LTC/USDT $84.35 $7.93M 2.6% 2 minutes ago
9 Bitget Bitget LTC/USDT $84.08 $7.69M 2.53% a minute ago
10 Biconomy Biconomy LTC/USDT $84.21 $6.54M 2.15% 6 minutes ago
11 Poloniex Poloniex LTC/USDT $84.32 $6.34M 2.08% 4 minutes ago
12 Coinbase Exchange Coinbase Exchange LTC/USD $83.86 $6.11M 2% 2 minutes ago
13 Paritex Paritex LTC/USDT $185.9 $5.9M 1.94% a year ago
14 P2B P2B LTC/USDT $84.34 $5.72M 1.88% 3 minutes ago
15 OKX OKX LTC/USDT $84.19 $5M 1.64% 8 minutes ago