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  Coin Pair Price Volume in base currency 24h volume 24h volume in BTC
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDT 38,793.01 USDT 350.98K BTC $13.56B 349.5K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDT 2,093.52 USDT 3.06M ETH $6.38B 164.49K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USDC 2,094.45 USDC 2.26M ETH $4.8B 123.87K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BUSD 2,094.35 BUSD 1.18M ETH $2.48B 63.91K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USD 38,814.14 USD 59.17K BTC $2.29B 59.01K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/FDUSD 38,809.66 FDUSD 47.64K BTC $1.84B 47.35K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/USDC 38,812.07 USDC 45.19K BTC $1.75B 45.12K
Solana Solana SOL/USDT 61.38 USDT 18.32M SOL $1.12B 28.8K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/BUSD 38,817.99 BUSD 18.87K BTC $731.86M 18.87K
Immutable Immutable IMX/USDT 1.40 USDT 480.81M IMX $718.73M 18.53K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/BTC 0.05 BTC 319.1K ETH $671.02M 17.3K
XRP XRP XRP/USDT 0.6 USDT 1.05B XRP $642.87M 16.57K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/USD 2,094.72 USD 277.83K ETH $581.53M 14.99K
Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE/USDT 0.08 USDT 6.63B DOGE $556.25M 14.34K
GALA GALA GALA/USDT 0.02 USDT 19.14B GALA $550.99M 14.2K
Chainlink Chainlink LINK/USDT 15.26 USDT 29.7M LINK $448.24M 11.56K
Polygon Polygon MATIC/USDT 0.8 USDT 551.81M MATIC $441.21M 11.37K
Tether Tether USDT/USD 1.00 USD 404.23M USDT $404.45M 10.43K
Avalanche Avalanche AVAX/USDT 22.05 USDT 17.8M AVAX $393.48M 10.14K
BNB BNB BNB/USDT 228.86 USDT 1.55M BNB $355.89M 9.17K
Tether Tether USDT/EUR 0.9 EUR 303.05M USDT $303.58M 7.83K
Terra Luna Classic Terra Luna Classic LUNC/USDT 0.0001 USDT 2.09T LUNC $292.59M 7.54K
Litecoin Litecoin LTC/USDT 71.79 USDT 3.87M LTC $276.48M 7.13K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/KRW 51,850,625.88 KRW 6.52K BTC $261.01M 6.73K
TRON TRON TRX/USDT 0.1 USDT 2.17B TRX $225.07M 5.8K
Dai Dai DAI/USDT 0.9 USDT 201.76M DAI $201.43M 5.19K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/EUR 35,663.84 EUR 4.89K BTC $190M 4.9K
WETH WETH WETH/USDC 2,094.93 USDC 87.59K WETH $183.22M 4.72K
First Digital USD First Digital USD FDUSD/USDT 0.9 USDT 178.05M FDUSD $177.99M 4.59K
TerraClassicUSD TerraClassicUSD USTC/USDT 0.05 USDT 3.31B USTC $175.61M 4.53K
dYdX dYdX ETHDYDX/USDT 3.21 USDT 55M ETHDYDX $174.11M 4.49K
Cardano Cardano ADA/USDT 0.3 USDT 434.44M ADA $166.7M 4.3K
Arbitrum Arbitrum ARB/USDT 0.8 USDT 176.59M ARB $157.91M 4.07K
Siacoin Siacoin SC/KRW 7.44 KRW 25.88B SC $148.72M 3.83K
Gifto Gifto GFT/USDT 0.02 USDT 5.97B GFT $144.91M 3.74K
Uniswap Uniswap UNI/USDT 6.07 USDT 23.64M UNI $143.34M 3.7K
Tether Tether USDT/TRY 28.94 TRY 141.85M USDT $142.02M 3.66K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/JPY 5,704,122.62 JPY 3.57K BTC $138.5M 3.57K
GALA GALA GALA/BUSD 0.02 BUSD 5.23B GALA $136.76M 3.53K
ORDI ORDI ORDI/USDT 23.55 USDT 5.89M ORDI $129.67M 3.34K
BUSD BUSD BUSD/USDT 0.9 USDT 129.16M BUSD $129.11M 3.33K
Litecoin Litecoin LTC/BUSD 71.88 BUSD 1.74M LTC $125.38M 3.23K
Celestia Celestia TIA/USDT 7.31 USDT 17.29M TIA $123.38M 3.18K
Tether Tether USDT/USDC 1.00 USDC 120.21M USDT $120.27M 3.1K
Solana Solana SOL/USD 61.50 USD 1.93M SOL $118.52M 3.06K
Algorand Algorand ALGO/USDT 0.1 USDT 842.89M ALGO $117.61M 3.03K
IOTA IOTA IOTA/KRW 374.00 KRW 399.79M IOTA $115.46M 2.98K
THORChain THORChain RUNE/USDT 6.52 USDT 17.39M RUNE $112.4M 2.9K
Cosmos Hub Cosmos Hub ATOM/USDT 9.38 USDT 11.82M ATOM $110.73M 2.85K
Filecoin Filecoin FIL/USDT 4.52 USDT 23.82M FIL $107.06M 2.76K
Polkadot Polkadot DOT/USDT 5.45 USDT 19.66M DOT $107.02M 2.76K
NEAR Protocol NEAR Protocol NEAR/USDT 1.93 USDT 52.87M NEAR $101M 2.6K
yearn.finance yearn.finance YFI/USDT 8,716.05 USDT 11.56K YFI $100.5M 2.59K
Terra Terra LUNA/USDT 0.7 USDT 127.54M LUNA $100.11M 2.58K
Blur Blur BLUR/USDT 0.5 USDT 188.45M BLUR $95.86M 2.47K
Fetch.ai Fetch.ai FET/USDT 0.3 USDT 283.06M FET $95.3M 2.46K
Mantle Mantle MNT/USDT 0.5 USDT 169.84M MNT $92.73M 2.39K
Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC/USDT 19.04 USDT 4.77M ETC $90.64M 2.34K
Solana Solana SOL/KRW 82,129.99 KRW 1.39M SOL $88.47M 2.28K
Big Time Big Time BIGTIME/USDT 0.2 USDT 410.44M BIGTIME $88.12M 2.27K
XRP XRP XRP/KRW 819.06 KRW 139.1M XRP $88.04M 2.27K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/RUNE 5,953.33 RUNE 2.23K BTC $86.85M 2.24K
Mask Network Mask Network MASK/USDT 3.51 USDT 24.69M MASK $86.33M 2.23K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/TUSD 38,844.47 TUSD 2.23K BTC $85.8M 2.21K
Shiba Inu Shiba Inu SHIB/USDT 0.000008 USDT 10.22T SHIB $85.29M 2.2K
Aave Aave AAVE/USDT 100.49 USDT 835.77K AAVE $83.58M 2.15K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/RUNE 321.34 RUNE 39.24K ETH $82.43M 2.13K
Steem Dollars Steem Dollars SBD/KRW 7,215.00 KRW 13.82M SBD $77M 1.99K
Sei Sei SEI/KRW 334.05 KRW 297.81M SEI $76.9M 1.98K
Sei Sei SEI/USDT 0.2 USDT 308M SEI $76.38M 1.97K
Optimism Optimism OP/USDT 1.67 USDT 45.32M OP $75.89M 1.96K
Stacks Stacks STX/USDT 0.1 USDT 700.97M STX $74.7M 1.93K
Memecoin Memecoin MEME/USDT 0.02 USDT 2.63B MEME $74.32M 1.92K
Sui Sui SUI/USDT 0.6 USDT 118.72M SUI $72.61M 1.87K
EOS EOS EOS/USDT 0.6 USDT 105.32M EOS $72.18M 1.86K
Aptos Aptos APT/USDT 0.06 USDT 1.06B APT $70.82M 1.83K
Injective Injective INJ/USDT 18.20 USDT 3.84M INJ $70.04M 1.81K
Monero Monero XMR/USDT 170.96 USDT 390.3K XMR $66.61M 1.72K
STEPN STEPN GMT/USDT 0.2 USDT 244.58M GMT $65.23M 1.68K
Uniswap Uniswap UNI/BUSD 6.07 BUSD 10.2M UNI $64.2M 1.66K
BNB BNB BNB/BUSD 229.00 BUSD 278.31K BNB $63.95M 1.65K
Worldcoin Worldcoin WLD/USDT 1.54 USDT 40.95M WLD $62.93M 1.62K
Lido DAO Lido DAO LDO/USDT 2.28 USDT 27.03M LDO $61.61M 1.59K
Fantom Fantom FTM/USDT 0.3 USDT 193.98M FTM $61.59M 1.59K
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/CCXX 2,373.40 CCXX 1.58K BTC $61.47M 1.58K
Avalanche Avalanche AVAX/USD 22.07 USD 2.76M AVAX $60.83M 1.57K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/KRW 2,797,218.07 KRW 28.13K ETH $60.77M 1.57K
Ethereum Ethereum ETH/EUR 1,924.57 EUR 28.55K ETH $60.14M 1.55K
TrueUSD TrueUSD TUSD/USDT 0.9 USDT 60.15M TUSD $59.93M 1.55K
IOTA IOTA IOTA/USDT 0.2 USDT 238.04M IOTA $59.61M 1.54K
MovieBloc MovieBloc MBL/KRW 7.14 KRW 10.79B MBL $59.5M 1.53K
Blur Blur BLUR/KRW 683.04 KRW 110.78M BLUR $58.45M 1.51K
Decentraland Decentraland MANA/USDT 0.4 USDT 130.05M MANA $57.02M 1.47K
Render Render RNDR/USDT 0.9 USDT 58.47M RNDR $57M 1.47K
FTX FTX FTT/USDT 4.11 USDT 13.79M FTT $56.9M 1.47K
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH/USDT 225.79 USDT 251.35K BCH $56.53M 1.46K
Internet Computer Internet Computer ICP/USDT 4.74 USDT 11.69M ICP $55.3M 1.43K
Aergo Aergo AERGO/KRW 247.99 KRW 277.64M AERGO $53.18M 1.37K