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$31.86 -2.7285%
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Just Mining
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$30.06 - $32.86
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9.29M - 30.29M
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Chia Price chart


Chia Price $31.86 All-time high $1,645.12 Days since ATH 940
Price change -$0.893 (-2.7285%) Date of ATH May 15, 2021 % of ATH 1.93%

Chia Review

Chia (code: XCH)

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Founded Date: Aug 15, 2017


Bram Cohen
Bram Cohen
Chairman of the Board, Founder, and Chief Technology Officer

Chia(XCH) - Coin Trading Data

Chia Price $31.86
Ticker XCH
Market Capitalization $295.42M
Value 24h low $30.06
Value 24h high $32.86
Trade Volume for 24h $7.43M
Current Circulating Supply 9.29M
Maximum Supply 30.29M
ICO Price and ICO ROI Just Mining
Price Change 24h % -2.7285%
XCH quote $31.86

Chia(XCH) ATH - All Time High Price

Chia ATH Price $1,645.12
Days Since ATH 940
ATH Date May 15, 2021
All Time High % 1.93%

Chia Profile

Chia Network is a decentralized data storage network that uses storage space as processing power. Its developers offered an alternative to classic mining, which is highly destructive to nature. The main difference between Chia and Bitcoin, Ethereum and other well-known cryptocurrencies is the way it is mined. In this case, it uses HDDs and SSDs, as opposed to video cards or CPU power.

Why Chia is Great?

Chia Network consensus

Chia Network operates using the Proof-of-Space-and-Time consensus algorithm, an encryption method in which users provide unused hard drive space to store information for some period of time. The hard disk space is used as a validator that validates transactions, while the owner is rewarded for providing it. In this case, the more space he provides, the more income he receives.

PoST was a solution against the negative environmental impact of the extremely energy-consuming PoW. Proof of Space and Time mining involves using a computer's disk space instead of processing power, like PoW.

The algorithm of Proof of Space involves creation of blocks with the size of 109 GB each on the hard drive and rafting of that space by users with sets of cryptographically encrypted numbers using special software. The more plots are created, the more Chia can be mined.

Allocation of Genesis Tokens
Proof of Space
(source: chia.net)

When transmitting call blockchains for the next block, each area is scanned by the system (the farm) to identify the closest hash to the task. This process is called farming and reduces the computing power required for mining.

Chia Features:

  • Special Chialisp blockchain programming language was developed for XCH. It is easy to audit, powerful and secure.
  • Chia is less energy-consuming thanks to special technologies.
  • Miners are rewarded not by the amount of energy spent on the blockchain, but by how much space they provide on their hard drive for farming. Operation is based on the principle of Proof of Space and Time instead of Proof of Work.
  • Users can transfer money to each other within the system.
  • XCH is a liquid cryptocurrency and is easily convertible. Almost any cryptocurrency exchange works with Chia.

Chia Network History

The creator of the project is the American developer Bram Cohen. The man became famous as the founder of the BitTorrent network. In August 2017, he registered the company Chia Network, which to this day is engaged in the development of this project.

The main network of the project was launched in March 2021. Two months later, developers activated tools for transactions in Chia Network.

Advantages of Chia

Despite some similarities with Bitcoin, Chia has a number of advantages compared to this cryptocurrency, such as:

  • big number of smart transactions and cryptographic tools like chargeback transactions (not available in bitcoin transactions), atomic swaps, recoverable wallets, multi-signature wallets, authorized recipients, rate-limited wallets and colored coins, full nodes, timelords;
  • environmental friendliness and energy efficiency;
  • more successful anti-fraud measures using decentralization of the system;
  • Use of IPO (Initial Public Offering) instead of ICO;
  • use of open source software in Chia distributed under Apache License.

Chia Token (XCH)

Chia (XCH) is a native token of the Chia Network. This cryptocurrency is necessary for rewarding the participants of the project. And it is in XCH that farmers are rewarded for providing free space on their hard drives for the needs of the network.

During the launch of the project, the developers issued 21 million tokens. The pre-mined cryptocurrency became the basis of the platform's development fund.

Here's how the cryptocurrency release schedule looks like:

Sixty-four tokens every 10 minutes In the first three years after launch
Thirty-two tokens every 10 minutes From the fourth to sixth year after launch
Sixteen tokens every 10 minutes From the seventh to ninth year after launch
Eight tokens every 10 minutes From the tenth to twelfth year after launch
Four tokens every 10 minute Through twelve years after launch

It should be noted that Chia has no plans to conduct an ICO. According to Chief Operating Officer Gene Hoffman, the tokens are owned by the company, so they can only be used with proper shareholder oversight if the company proceeds with its plans for an open listing. Investors will be able to consider this company as a kind of exchange-traded fund (ETF) for its significant XCH assets.

How to Mine Chia

Mining Chia is significantly different from traditional cryptocurrency mining. To get started, you need to ensure that you have enough disk space.

Typically, Chia miners write their patterns to high-capacity, fast, consumer-class SSD drives. These SSDs will wear out quickly, and HDDs, while offering more storage space, are much slower. That's why miners are transferring filled templates to larger HDDs. Chia templates are slightly over 100 GB, but still require 350 GB for temporary use. So you need to carefully evaluate your initial costs, including SSD capacity, HDD capacity, and the cost of other components you will need if you are building your farm from scratch.

DIY Chia Farming Rig
DIY Chia Farming Rig
(source: Chia Network Github)

Furthermore, you install special Chia farming software on your computer. The blockchain is allocated space on a hard drive or SSD. Cryptographically encrypted numbers will be stored there. The places where they are located are called rafts, and the process of their formation is called rafting. As the blockchain is formed, users check to see if there is a hash that matches the algorithm's solution.

When data is transferred between units, some time is required for this process. This increases security and reduces electricity consumption. Farming requires at least 2TB of storage on your computer, but 10TB is more preferable. Since recording is intensive, it is better to allocate SSD rather than HDD for Chia drive. Any operating system is suitable for work.


The project was very popular in 2021. Its users were attracted by the unusual way of mining coins, because mining became available without the use of large computing power.

As a result, there was a problem in Hong Kong caused by a shortage of HDDs and SSDs. As a result, these devices have increased in price by three times, as a result of increased demand.

However, the popularity of Chia gradually began to disappear. There was a lot of information hype surrounding this project, but problems associated with further development have arisen.

Q&A For Chia Cryptocurrency

How much is a one Chia worth now?

1 Chia worth $31.86 now.

What is the price of XCH?

The price of XCH is $31.86.

What is the Chia max supply?

The max supply of Chia is 30.29M.

What is the Chia stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of Chia is XCH.

How many XCH coins are there in circulation?

There are 9.29M coins in circulation of XCH.

What is the exchange rate of Chia(XCH)?

The exchange rate of Chia is $31.86.

What was Chia's trading volume in 24 hours?

Chia's 24-hour trading volume is $7.43M.

What was the highest price paid for Chia?

Chia reached a record high of $1,645.12 on May 15, 2021

Chia Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 HTX HTX XCH/USDT $29.83 $15.31M 67.12% 7 minutes ago
2 OKX OKX XCH/USDT $31.86 $3.15M 13.81% 7 minutes ago
3 DigiFinex DigiFinex XCH/USDT $31.79 $758.58K 3.33% 12 minutes ago
4 Bitrue Bitrue XCH/USDT $31.76 $754.05K 3.31% 16 minutes ago
5 Bibox Bibox XCH/USDT $29.5 $709.36K 3.11% 9 minutes ago
6 Gate.io Gate.io XCH/USDT $31.8 $489.18K 2.14% 13 minutes ago
7 LBank LBank XCH/USDT $31.93 $462.37K 2.03% 6 minutes ago
8 MEXC MEXC XCH/USDT $31.79 $442.35K 1.94% 16 minutes ago
9 CoinW CoinW XCH/USDT $31.82 $344.94K 1.51% 13 minutes ago
10 Hotcoin Global Hotcoin Global XCH/USDT $31.75 $190.58K 0.84% 19 minutes ago
11 KuCoin KuCoin XCH/USDT $31.88 $188.7K 0.83% 14 minutes ago
12 BingX BingX XCH/USDT $31.81 $147.5K 0.65% 10 minutes ago
13 XT.COM XT.COM XCH/USDT $31.91 $113.77K 0.5% 11 minutes ago
14 Deepcoin Deepcoin XCH/USDT $31.83 $100.22K 0.44% 15 minutes ago
15 BitMart BitMart XCH/USDT $31.75 $91.82K 0.4% 8 minutes ago