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Oasis Network

Oasis Network ROSE Price

$0.1537 8.0145%
  • BTC 0.0000025
  • ETH 0.000045
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Market cap
Low - High [24h]
$0.1419 - $0.1601
Vol [24h]
Cur - Max Supply
6.73B - 10B

Oasis Network Price chart

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Oasis Network Price $0.1537 All-time high $0.5973 Days since ATH 776
Price change $0.0114 (8.0145%) Date of ATH Jan 15, 2022 % of ATH 25.69%

Oasis Network Review

Oasis Network (code: ROSE)

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Founded Date: 2018


Dawn Song
Dawn Song
The co-founder and CEO of Oasis Labs,
the core developer of the Oasis Network

Oasis Network(ROSE) - Coin Trading Data

Oasis Network Price $0.1537
Ticker ROSE
Market Capitalization $1.04B
Value 24h low $0.1419
Value 24h high $0.1601
Trade Volume for 24h $143M
Current Circulating Supply 6.73B
Maximum Supply 10B
ICO Price and ICO ROI
Price Change 24h % 8.0145%
ROSE quote $0.1537

Oasis Network(ROSE) ATH - All Time High Price

Oasis Network ATH Price $0.5973
Days Since ATH 776
ATH Date Jan 15, 2022
All Time High % 25.69%

Oasis Network Profile

Oasis Network is the first PoS-based Blockchain scalable project in the crypto-industry that is focused on the security and privacy of ecosystem user data transfers. Supreme privacy offers a list of new uses for blockchain, allowing personal or sensitive data, such as bank information, or medical information, not to become public.

Because of its exceptional combination of blockchain and sensitive computing technology, this network can provide options for uses that might not be possible otherwise. Many of them allow users to control their personal data and businesses to evaluate or exchange data freely without the risk of data leakage or privacy risks.

What is Oasis Network?

Advantages of the Oasis Network

Most public blockchains will only offer a pseudonym at best. Regardless of how good it is for transparency, not all users like when their transactional information is in the public domain. ON aims to remove this problem by providing a privacy-themed platform for the evolving decentralized economy. Of course, this is not the only advantage; the protocol uses the safe architecture and high bandwidth necessary to expand DeFi projects.

Compare Networks
Compare Networks

In this way, Oasis differs from platforms such as Ethereum, where everyone can see blockchain transactions. This is very popular among certain people, for example fans of online cryptocurrency gambling appreciate this kind of privacy. In general, we can say that Oasis Network users have a much higher degree of transaction privacy than in other public blockchains.

  1. Privacy-focused blockchain that allows tokenization of, for example, social security numbers, bank statements, medical histories, or other non-public information.
  2. High scalability achieved by differentiating two networks: the consensus superstructure and ParaTime (the ROSE blockchain privacy computing area). ParaTime is fully decentralized, allowing everyone to run their own ParaTime.
  3. Staking, fixed maximum offer, and listing of the native altcoin Oasis Network on major CEX and DEX exchanges.

Structure of the Oasis Network

The blockchain architecture has two main components:

  • Consensus layer: a scalable and secure Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm managed by a decentralized set of validators.
  • Separation of consensus and execution allows multiple ParaTimes to process multiple transactions in parallel, meaning that complex workloads processed in one ParaTime do not slow down faster while simpler transactions are processed in another.
  • ParaTime layer: an environment that hosts multiple parallel execution environments ( ParaTimes ), with each one representing a replicated computing environment with a shared state.
  • ParaTime layer is decentralized, allowing anyone to design and create their own ParaTime. Each ParaTime can be developed in isolation to meet the needs of a particular application, such as confidential computing, open or closed meetings, etc.
Structure of the Oasis Network
Structure of the Oasis Network

The Oasis Network can process more transactions than single-layer blockchains such as Ethereum. The developers have also added private smart contracts that provide pass-through functionality.

This regulation ensures that users receive fast and confidential transactions. The network's ability to create decentralized private applications has created a unique market for developers and entrepreneurs interested in private DeFi.

Features of Oasis Network

  • Private DeFi : Oasis Network's privacy-oriented design can extend DeFi beyond its users and initial followers into a new major market. In addition, the innovative scalability design provides high-speed and high-bandwidth DeFi operations.
  • Privacy Blockchain : Oasis Network states that it is the world's first scalable, privacy-enabled blockchain. ParaTimes on the Oasis Network can open up new usage options and applications for blockchain, using confidential computing technologies such as secure enclaves to keep data private.
  • Enabled data tokenization: Oasis Network can tokenize data, expanding the capabilities of next-generation privacy-focused applications, creating the foundation for groundbreaking blockchain scenarios, application ecosystems and online projects.
  • Fast-growing community : Oasis Network has a booming community of nearly a thousand node operators, developers, corporate partners, ambassadors and nearly 10 000 community members involved in global social channels.


ROSE is a native Oasis network token with limited offerings and fees. It is used for staking and delegation on this network. It also acts as an intermediary for smart contract transactions that require a commission in ParaTimes.

ROSE is useful for betting and paying transaction fees. Staking helps protect blockchain and management because token holders help improve the network. Accordingly, token holders are rewarded for staking in proportion to the ROSE they supply.

The total supply of ROSE is 10 billion tokens. This number is important because it is large enough for the token to retain its transactional use. The project launched this token in late 2020, about two years after the development began.

ROSE Mining

The PoS consensus protocol, on which the Oasis Network's virtual architecture security is built, does not suggest mining the ecosystem's utility token through traditional methods. There are two ways to own ROSE, either by buying an altcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange or by receiving the rewards earned in a native Oasis token through classical staking, securing the Blockchain platform in this way.

Holders who lock the basic asset into their e-wallets receive up to 20% per annum. The size of the reward depends on the amount of ROSE deposited, as well as the period for which the funds have been frozen in the client. The larger the size of the bet and the longer the time of blocking, the higher are the profits.



The Oasis Network has tremendous potential, because it is designed to take advantage of multiple privacy-based niche computing modules that can help protect the privacy of contact data at any time. In addition, this network is scalable and provides fast transaction times while providing high data throughput.

ParaTime layers: the platform primarily uses a technology called ParaTimes, which allows data to be stored and protected in a highly confidential ecosystem. Moreover, the technology also enables thousands of smart transactions per second at the same time.

Q&A For Oasis Network Cryptocurrency

How much is a one Oasis Network worth now?

1 Oasis Network worth $0.1537 now.

What is the price of ROSE?

The price of ROSE is $0.1537.

What is the Oasis Network max supply?

The max supply of Oasis Network is 10B.

What is the Oasis Network stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of Oasis Network is ROSE.

How many ROSE coins are there in circulation?

There are 6.73B coins in circulation of ROSE.

What is the exchange rate of Oasis Network(ROSE)?

The exchange rate of Oasis Network is $0.1537.

What was Oasis Network's trading volume in 24 hours?

Oasis Network's 24-hour trading volume is $143M.

What was the highest price paid for Oasis Network?

Oasis Network reached a record high of $0.5973 on Jan 15, 2022

Oasis Network Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 Bitrue Bitrue ROSE/USDT $0.154 $70.4M 52.23% 15 minutes ago
2 Binance Binance ROSE/USDT $0.154 $34.91M 25.9% 15 minutes ago
3 Coinbase Exchange Coinbase Exchange ROSE/USD $0.154 $6.66M 4.94% 6 minutes ago
4 KuCoin KuCoin ROSE/USDT $0.1534 $5.52M 4.09% 6 minutes ago
5 Bitvavo Bitvavo ROSE/EUR $0.1534 $4.3M 3.19% 19 minutes ago
6 Bybit Bybit ROSE/USDT $0.1534 $3.44M 2.55% 19 minutes ago
7 Gate.io Gate.io ROSE/USDT $0.154 $3.31M 2.46% 21 minutes ago
8 BingX BingX ROSE/USDT $0.1534 $2.42M 1.79% 18 minutes ago
9 Bitget Bitget ROSE/USDT $0.1534 $1.85M 1.37% 19 minutes ago
10 Binance Binance ROSE/BTC $0.1528 $1.75M 1.3% 41 minutes ago
11 Binance Binance ROSE/TRY $0.1534 $1.63M 1.21% 24 minutes ago
12 MEXC MEXC ROSE/USDT $0.154 $1.21M 0.9% 21 minutes ago
13 XT.COM XT.COM ROSE/USDT $0.1534 $1.06M 0.79% 22 minutes ago
14 Deepcoin Deepcoin ROSE/USDT $0.1534 $1.04M 0.77% 16 minutes ago
15 LBank LBank ROSE/USDT $0.154 $939.13K 0.7% 16 minutes ago