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$0.219 - $0.2257
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2.02B - 5.35B

GMT Price chart

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GMT Price $0.2203 All-time high $4.11 Days since ATH 752
Price change -$0.005 (-2.3783%) Date of ATH Apr 28, 2022 % of ATH -94.63%

GMT Review

GMT (code: GMT)

Founded Date: Oct 29, 2021


Jerry Huang
Jerry Huang
Yawn Rong
Yawn Rong

GMT(GMT) - Coin Trading Data

GMT Price $0.2203
Ticker GMT
Market Capitalization $443.78M
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $1.18B
Value 24h low $0.219
Value 24h high $0.2257
Trade Volume for 24h $17.29M
Current Circulating Supply 2.02B
Maximum Supply 5.35B
ICO Price and ICO ROI
Price Change 24h % -2.3783%
GMT quote $0.2203
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) $1.18B

GMT(GMT) ATH - All Time High Price

GMT ATH Price $4.11
GMT quote 752
ATH Date Apr 28, 2022
All Time High % -94.63%

Stepn Profile

STEPN is an application on the Solana blockchain, which is a so-called move-to-earn game, which means users can earn money by moving. in this case, users are proposed to either walk or run.

The primary goal of the Stepn project is to attract the maximum number of users with a good payback of this service. However, you can't just download the application and run down to the park to make money. The thing is that a certain "mining" will start only when you purchase a pair of virtual NFT sneakers.

Sneakers in the format of NFT tokens are available in the in-game store for sale through the transfer of Solana cryptocurrency coins. The most basic sneakers now cost about nine SOL. This is the amount you need just to start getting rewards for the traveled distance.

Stepn History

  • Stepn was launched in August 2021 by Find Satoshi Lab, an Australian studio founded by Jerry Huang and Ian Ron, who already had experience in the cryptoindustry. In October of the same year, the game finished its first tests and won the hackathon by Solana Cryptocurrency.
  • In December 2021, Stepn was officially launched.
  • In January 2022, the team was able to attract the first major investments of $5 million from 15 venture funds, including Sequoia Capital, Folius Ventures, and Solana Capital. In early April, Binance Lab announced its investment in Stepn, without naming the exact amount invested.
  • On August 20, 2022 StepN announced an agreement with Asics , a Japanese sportswear company. After that, Asics released a limited edition collection of NFT sneakers on the Binance NFT Marketplace, which participates in the initiative as a partner.

How STEPN Works

The STEPN cryptogame is based on the following scheme:

  1. You are rewarded for physical activity such as running or walking. These activities are controlled through a smartphone application of the game (it is available on iOS and Android) using GPS;
  2. To start receiving rewards, first you need to buy a special NFT in the form of sneakers.

There are different sneakers for each speed. After you buy sneakers, they drop into your inventory in the app and you can choose them for your run. In total, there are four of these sneaker types:

  • Walker for walking at 1 to 6 km/h;
  • Jogger for a speed of 4 to 10 km/h;
  • Runner for a speed of 8-20 km/h;
  • Trainer for speed of 1-20 km/h (you can choose your own pace).
types of sneakers

Types of sneakers

The number of coins you earn depends on the type of sneaker and how much it is upgraded. Users can repair their NFT-shoes and improve them using GST. Moreover, the in-game money can be exchanged on the cryptocurrency exchange. It is possible to sell your NFT-sneakers on the official Marketplace site.

Over time you will be able to increase your level, and consequently the number of GST you get. But here is another nuance: first, sneakers can wear out, which means you will need to buy new NFTs, and second, there is a recovery time for sneakers (as a rule, not more than 24 hours).

By clicking on your sneakers, you can see details about them:

  • Efficiency. It directly affects the amount of earnings of GST tokens.
  • Luck. Improves the chance of dropping Mystery Box bonuses.
  • Comfort. Affects the amount of GMT control tokens you get. Initially this stat is blocked, but opens when NFT reaches level 30.
  • Elasticity (Elasticity). The higher the score, the less GST will be required to repair the wear and tear of the sneaker.
STEPN Sneaker details

Meanwhile, the game has a good balance:.

  • An initially limited supply of GMT tokens: there will be no more than six billion of them, and this token will be burned when new "sneakers" are created.
  • Sneakers have different characteristics. For example, there is a class (the preferred type of physical activity depends on it), there is rarity (the rarer it is, the more "coins" it gives), and level (the more GST to invest, the higher it is). In other words, by buying more expensive sneakers, you can earn more with them. And if you invest the earned money in upgrading, the rate of earning will grow even more.
  • You can't earn endless money by making your phone simulate running all day long because the application has serious limitations on "energy reserves," which must be replenished periodically (simply by waiting for it to be restored).

Using the App

After you turn the app on, it will start tracking the movement of your smartphone via GPS. It has quite reliable algorithms, which will not allow to cheat the system: it will calculate when the phone travels in the car, and will not accrue bonuses;

Your movement counts if you have units of energy: for 2 units you can move for 10 minutes. But the amount of energy depends on the class of sneakers and how upgraded they are. So, to make the movement count for longer, you need more investment.

An important part of the game is "minting" or creating new sneakers by combining two tier 5 or higher sneakers. Each sneaker can complete the procedure no more than seven times, and each time it will cost more and more. After minting, all sneakers remain on the account ( meaning that merging units are not burned).

STEPN Tokens

The STEPN ecosystem functions on a two-token economy model, which allows you to earn money through different methods. These tokens, which are available in limited quantities, have a built-in burning mechanism to protect them from inflation.

  1. The GMT digital coin is a management token. Its issuance is limited, with a maximum supply set at 6,000,000 GMT. This asset can be earned by participating in game events or running. GMT are also used to share profits from games, and receive premium content.
  2. A GST digital coin is an in-game service token. It has unlimited issuance and is minted during game play. It is used to buy in-app items as well as to repair, unlock, reset, or level up your sneakers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stepn

STEPN is not the simplest and common project, which has not many analogues today, which is why it has a number of pluses and minuses.

Real passive income.Large startup costs.
Opportunity to combine work with pleasure.Not completely tested payment mechanism.
Fair reward system.Possibility of unexpected errors.
Opportunity to dive into the NFT and cryptocurrency ecosystem and get a better understanding of it.Higher repair costs for certain sneaker models.


STEPN is promoting a healthy lifestyle and has an extensive community, with over a million users already downloading the app on Google Play. At first glance, the STEPN project has a bright future, but you can't be sure of its success. Since the market capitalization of GMT is low compared to other crypto projects, we can expect both a sharp increase and decrease in the price.

How much is a one GMT worth now?

1 GMT worth $0.2203 now.

What is the price of GMT?

The price of GMT is $0.2203.

What is the GMT max supply?

The max supply of GMT is 5.35B.

What is the GMT stock symbol or ticker?

The stock symbol or ticker of GMT is GMT.

How many GMT coins are there in circulation?

There are 2.02B coins in circulation of GMT.

What is the exchange rate of GMT(GMT)?

The exchange rate of GMT is $0.2203.

What was GMT's trading volume in 24 hours?

GMT's 24-hour trading volume is $17.29M.

What was the highest price paid for GMT?

GMT reached a record high of $4.11 on Apr 28, 2022

GMT Exchange Rates on Trading Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Volume % Updated
1 FTX TR FTX TR GMT/USD $1.44 $4.11M 17.48% a year ago
2 Binance Binance GMT/USDT $0.2199 $3.76M 16% 6 minutes ago
3 Nami.Exchange Nami.Exchange GMT/USDT $0.2199 $2.41M 10.24% 6 minutes ago
4 Nami.Exchange Nami.Exchange GMT/VNST $0.2193 $2.21M 9.4% 10 minutes ago
5 Upbit Upbit GMT/KRW $0.226 $1.59M 6.77% 6 minutes ago
6 Bitrue Bitrue GMT/USDT $0.2206 $1.51M 6.42% 9 minutes ago
7 OKX OKX GMT/USDT $0.2199 $922.85K 3.93% 5 minutes ago
8 Bitbegin Bitbegin GMT/USDT $0.2199 $828.73K 3.53% 5 minutes ago
9 Bybit Bybit GMT/USDT $0.2199 $564.52K 2.4% 10 minutes ago
10 Tidex Tidex GMT/USDT $0.2206 $501.24K 2.13% 5 minutes ago
11 XT.COM XT.COM GMT/USDT $0.2206 $476.91K 2.03% 3 minutes ago
12 BitMart BitMart GMT/USDT $0.2199 $399.12K 1.7% a minute ago
13 Bitrue Bitrue GMT/USDC $0.2206 $326.48K 1.39% 5 minutes ago
14 CoinW CoinW GMT/USDT $0.2199 $262.64K 1.12% 5 minutes ago
15 Hotcoin Hotcoin GMT/USDT $0.2206 $255.23K 1.09% 2 minutes ago