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8th International Conference on Internet of Things

Start date: April 21, 2023 - End date: April 23, 2023
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
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The internet of things (IoT) is a platform that allows a network of devices (sensors, smart meters, etc.) to communicate, analyse data and process information collaboratively in the service of individuals or organisations. The IoT network can generate large amounts of data in a variety of formats and using different protocols which can be stored and processed in the cloud. The conference looks to address the issues surrounding IoT devices, their interconnectedness and services they may offer, including efficient, effective and secure analysis of the data IoT produces using machine learning and other advanced techniques, models and tools, and issues of security, privacy and trust that will emerge as IoT technologies mature and become part of our everyday lives.Big Data (BD) has core values of volume, velocity, variety and veracity. After collecting much data from IoT, BD can be jointly used with machine learning, AI, statistical and other advanced techniques, models and methods, which can create values for people and organizations adopting it, since forecasting, deep analysis and analytics can help identify weaknesses and make improvements based on different analysis.Maintaining a high level of security and privacy for data in IoT are crucial and we welcome recommendations, solutions, demonstrations and best practices for all forms of security and privacy for IoT and BD. 

Blockchain Life 2023 Dubai

Start date: February 27, 2023 - End date: February 28, 2023
Location: Dubai, Atlantis The Palm
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The 10th Global Forum on blockchain, digital assets, and mining Blockchain Life 2023 takes place on February 27-28 in Dubai.

Having started its history in 2017, the forum quickly entered the TOP-3 world events in the industry of digital assets.

The event  is attended by key industry players, government representatives, heads of international companies, funds, investors, promising startups teams, and beginners.

Beginners in digital assets will be able to take their first step in the industry, while professionals will significantly expand their network of business contacts and find new business partners. Blockchain Life is a universal platform for development in the industry of digital assets. Dive into Blockchain Life!

Web3Souls Hackathon

Start date: November 28, 2022 - End date: December 5, 2022
Location: Metaverse

Members of the Web3Souls community are convinced of this and ready to prove it at the upcoming Global DeSoc hackathon!

The Web3Souls team organizes an online hackathon in the Metaverse for everyone.

It’s a perfect way to get information:

— about WEB 3.0

— about the Decentralized Society concept (DeSoc)

— about Souls and Soulbound tokens


a. 10,000 USDT or equivalent

b. Custom designed NFTs for the teams that took 1st-3rd places

c. Teams finishing 4th and above will receive NFTs for participating in the hackathon

The most advanced projects, companies, investors and experts will be gathered in one place. It’s a unique opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills and useful contacts in the world of Web3.0.

Join the hackathon as a developer or as a guest. We are glad to everyone!

Blockchain Life 2022 Moscow

Start date: September 14, 2022 - End date: September 15, 2022
Location: Russia, Moscow, Music Media Dome, sh. Entuziastov bl.5 n.2
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Blockchain Life 2022 is the 9th international forum on cryptocurrencies and mining, taking place in September 14 – 15 at the Music Media Dome – one of the world’s most innovative venues. More than 6,000 participants attend the forum each year.

Among the Forum’s participants and exhibitors are the world’s largest industry companies, government leaders, private investors and funds, representatives of notable startups and cryptocurrencies, blockchain developers, major players of the mining industry, and many others.

TOKEN2049 in Singapore

Start date: May 4, 2022 - End date: May 5, 2022
Location: Shangri-La Singapore 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350

TOKEN2049 is bringing together leading executives, founders and thought leaders to spotlight the latest evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Experts from all over the globe converge to share their views on the market while attendees learn from the industry’s top pioneers and innovators. TOKEN2049 is uniting entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry enthusiasts and global media – and creates unparalleled networking potential. This is the community that will define what’s next in the space.

Game On! 2022

Start date: March 26, 2022 - End date: March 27, 2022
Location: Virtual Conference
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Game On! 2022 is a 2-day virtual conference celebrating the essence of Gaming, Art, Music and Entertainment (GAME) industries by bringing together passionate gamers, artists, developers, investors and fans in a true-to-spirit gamified environment. If you are a hardcore Gaming fan or Art / Music enthusiast or an Entertainment aficionado keen to learn more about how new technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, GameFi, DeFi & NFTs are transforming this space, this is the conference to be at!

FinTech Connect North America 2022

Start date: March 15, 2022 - End date: March 16, 2022
Location: Online Content Series

After our successful North American event last June, the FinTech Connect team is thrilled to be hosting 2days of exclusive webinars for our FinTech Community. With only 5 webinars across 3 days and 25speakers, you’ll want to clear your schedule so you don’t miss out.

We will be bringing together the leading disruptors within financial services to discuss the mostinnovative stories coming from the Payments, Investment and Blockchain communities. Join us as wehost pioneers within their field who will debate, discuss and challenge each other on the biggest toolsand technologies within FinTech. This is your opportunity to be part of the discussions shaping thefuture of the financial market.The biggest markets in the world need to be at the forefront of technology. Come help us make thathappen, join us for our online content series 15 – 16th March 2022!

Asia Crypto Week

Start date: November 22, 2021 - End date: November 28, 2021
Location: TBD
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Asia Crypto Week is a week of various independently organised educational and developer-focused events that aim to nurture mass adoption by providing first-hand information about the industry. Blockchain enthusiasts and industry veterans will come to Hong Kong to share their knowledge and stories during Asia Crypto Week, providing exceptional insights into the ever-larger growing ecosystem.

Finnovex West Africa – Agility and Adaptability – The New Normal | Lagos

Start date: October 19, 2021 - End date: October 20, 2022
Location: Lagos, Nigeria - Hybrid

The digital banking landscape in the region is expected to transform West Africa into a fintech hub. Governments have initiated cashless policies, which promote innovation in payments and banking systems, drive change in consumer patterns, provide a boost to mobile and internet adoption, and increase e-commerce and smartphone penetration. This represents a host of opportunities for banks and financial institutions to utilize technology to champion innovations in areas such as customer experience, cybersecurity, and seamless digital channels.

The regions Central Banks are implementing policies to meet the requirements of the next generation banking customer by examining the challenges and successes of countries that have improved financial inclusion. In turn, the sector must efficiently incorporate disruptive mobile money platforms, automated banking systems, tailored credit facilities and crypto-currencies for this dynamic market. In light of this, Finnovex will address the entire value chain of the region’s banking and financial sector to best achieve financial inclusion and sustainable growth.

TOKEN2049 London

Start date: October 7, 2021 - End date: October 8, 2021
Location: De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DA

TOKEN2049 assembles leading founders and executives to highlight the latest evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Experts from all over the globe converge to share their views on the market while attendees learn from the industry’s top pioneers and innovators. Meet crypto’s early founders and believers, as well as the leading voices of today, in one of two global market epicenters: London and Hong Kong. TOKEN2049 is uniting entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry enthusiasts and global media – and creates unparalleled networking potential. This is the community that will define what’s next in the space.

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