10 Best Platforms To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card In 2021

10 Best Platforms To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card In 2021

In this article, you will learn what services buy Bitcoin with debit card. We have prepared a list of solid exchanges with a good image. We will also talk about specialized Bitcoin debit cards, on which you can store coins like regular fiat money.

Overall: Coinbase

The exchange is disposed of in the USA and proposes to buy Bitcoins with a credit card. Moreover, the service makes it possible to purchase Bitcoin with a debit card, although the limits do not exceed 150 euros. The site operates in:

  • Europe;
  • Great Britain;
  • The USA;
  • Canada;
  • Australia.

To buy Bitcoins with a debit card, create an account on the website and add information about your bank card. Wait for your profile to be identified from the administration. Now you can get Bitcoin online.

Coinbase set one of the lowest fees for its services – less than 4%. The same percentage is valid in America and the European Union. Also, the management of the exchange provided for the same limits.

Advantages of Bitcoin purchases on Coinbase:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Opportunity to purchase Bitcoin with credit and debit card instantly;
  • High daily limits;
  • Quick administration profile verification.

Any service has disadvantages:

  • The exchange has access to the profiles of its customers and blocks those who spend coins on prohibited purchases.
  • Bank transfers are processed for several days.

1. Create a personal page

During the initial registration, all users are asked to download a copy of the passport for identification.

Identity Verification Page on Coinbase
Identity Verification Page on Coinbase

After creating an account, confirm your data and login. You may be asked to download an ID scan. Once you are entered, keep on to the next stage.

2. Go to your account settings

In the account settings, pick the Payment Methods menu item. There you can add to the debit card profile for fast receiving BTC.

Add a payment method on Coinbase
Add a payment method on Coinbase

3. Press Credit / Debit Card

The site menu offers users three ways of payment:

  • Using PayPal;
  • Bank transaction;
  • By credit card.
Add Debit Card as Payment Method on Coinbase
Add Debit Card as Payment Method on Coinbase

The last way to get Bitcoin is the easiest and instant.

4. Enter your Card Information

The site works only with bank cards of Visa and Mastercard systems. Users must indicate their name as it is written on the card, sixteen-digit number, card expiration date, CVC and ZIP code.

Add your card information on Coinbase
Add your card information on Coinbase

5. Approval

The next part of the registration is confirmation that the customer card is tied to the profile.

Approval Page on Coinbase
Approval Page on Coinbase

6. Get tokens

The exchange provides its customers with a built-in virtual wallet, to which they will send coins immediately after purchasing.

Free deals: Robinhood


How to buy Bitcoin without a tip? Use the Robinhood exchange. Pomino Bitcoins, another 15 crypto options are available to customers of the service. It is also an excellent place to use market and limit orders. The site works as a web page and mobile application. It is a pity that the exchange is available only in some states of the USA.

Square Cash


It is a mobile application that also works for free. The limit on the purchase is 10 thousand USD per week, and you can sell any number of coins.

Wide opportunities: Binance

Credit Card Payments on Binance
Credit Card Payments on Binance

On this exchange, you can not only get Bitcoin with debit cards but also exchange it for a large number of other tokens. For this, you should pay 0.1% only. For investors who want to include not very well-known currencies in their portfolio, the exchange offers many options:

  • EOS;
  • TRON;
  • Ethereum Classic;
  • Stellar Lumens;
  • Bitcoin Cash.

The disadvantage of the service is the lack of insurance for traders.

Advanced users: Coinbase Pro

If you are used to investing in stock markets and exchanges, the interface of this platform will not be complicated for you. Among the site tools:

  • Stock trading;
  • Goods;
  • options.

Pluses are small commission fees (0.1-0.3%). All investments are insured, and most of them are in the cold (hardware) storage.


Coinmama Payment Method 01
Coinmama Payment Method

You can buy Bitcoin using a bank card for up to 20 thousand USD per month. Operations are completed within a few minutes. The site is available in many countries (All of Europe, many US states). But at the same time, commission fees will be about 6%.


Austrian broker allows you to purchase cryptocurrency via bank card. The site is available only in Europe, and commission fees vary from 3 to 4%. The tip amount is not visible separately, and it is already included in the transaction price. The company has a state license and insurance.

  • Buy Cryptocoins
    Buy Cryptocoins


The site only allows you to buy coins, and trading is prohibited. You can top up your account by bank transfer, credit card or cash. It is possible to withdraw your funds in the same ways (even in cash through specialized ATMs).

Bitit payment method
Bitit payment method

The service offers the most popular trading pairs of coins. The French platform works almost all over the world:

  • Europe;
  • The USA;
  • Part of South America;
  • Asia;
  • Part of the African continent;
  • Islands of Madagascar and Mauritius.


The platform operates in the United States, parts of South America and in Europe. Trading fees are only 0.2%, and user accounts are insured. Verification of identity during registration takes up to 30 minutes, but participants must give comprehensive information about themselves. The list of documents that must be given includes a passport, bank accounts, a photograph.

CEXIO Payment Method
CEXIO Payment Method


Wirex is a card supporting crypto pay. Until 2016, the company issuing these cards was called E-coin. The card can be downloaded to a computer or smartphone using the Wirex application. Accepted Currencies:

Wirex Pay Card
Wirex Pay Card
  • BTC;
  • ETH;
  • XRP;
  • LTC.

You can book a plastic version or apply for only a virtual card. Crypto can be converted to fiat (EURO, GBP, USD). When withdrawing funds from an ATM, cardholders pay $ 2.5 of commission fees in Europe and $ 3.5 outside of it. Each month, another 1.5 USD is debited from the account.


Get Bitcoins can be in many ways. Take into account limits, payment processing speed and commissions to the bank and the exchange. Buying a Bitcoin is a good investment for the future if you believe in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the exchange verification process has been made plain and speedy. And among the payment methods, there are credit or debit cards or even prepaid cards.

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