KuCoin Full Guide In 2020: Review, Features, Fees, Safety

KuCoin Full Guide In 2020: Review, Features, Fees, Safety

KuCoin exchange review is a to share with crypto traders good news. Another functional and safe platform was found that you can use for profitable deals. The site runs on Blockchain. Therefore all transactions are reserved in the system, which means that participants are protected from fraud.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin exchange entered the trading market in 2017 but has already gained a reputation as a site where thefts and long downtimes never happened. KuCoin exchange also developed technical improvements for more comfortable work with the service:

• KuCoin coin allows you to make deals with discounts;

KuCoin will snapshot users’ KCS holdings and their total trading volume over the past 30-day period (equivalent to BTC).

TierPast 30-Day Trading Volume X(BTC)KCS Balance Y (KCS)MakerTaker
1Y < 10000.10%0.10%
21000 ≤ Y < 100000.07%0.10%
3300 ≤ X < 50010000 ≤ Y < 200000.065%0.10%
4500 ≤ X < 100020000 ≤ Y < 300000.0575%0.07%
51000 ≤ X < 200030000 ≤ Y < 450000.05%0.07%
62000 ≤ X < 300045000 ≤ Y < 650000.0425%0.06%
73000 ≤ X < 500065000 ≤ Y < 850000.035%0.06%
85000 ≤ X < 1000085000 ≤ Y < 1100000.0275%0.05%
910000 ≤ X < 20000110000 ≤ Y < 1500000.02%0.04%
1020000 ≤ X150000 ≤ Y0.0125%0.03%

• KuCoin bonus program is associated with the use of the platform and offers increased limits and other KuCoin dividends for regular customers;

• KuCoin exchange mobile applications are suitable for popular operating systems and provide quick access to your account anywhere.

KuCoin App
KuCoin App

How to Start?

KuCoin exchange has a straightforward trading interface. To get started, each user needs to go to the site and select a trading pair. For advanced traders, the KuCoin offers an order book, candlestick charts. To get to the trading page, you must enter the password Google Authenticator.


Registration on Kucoin consists of several steps:

  1. Indicate your email address;
  2. Create a password;
  3. Follow the link that will be sent to your email.

Next, you will receive an invitation to set up two-factor authentication. This option is connected as desired. If you use the KuCoin invitation code, you will receive additional bonuses in the process of working with the exchange.


KuCoin develops all referral of its activities:

  • Round-the-clock technical customer support is available by phone and email;
  • KuCoin holds all known tokens (among them are BTC, ETH, NEO, LTC, ERC20) and offers an extensive list of currency pairs;
  • The brand feature of the exchange is the ability for all users to create personalized trading pairs;
  • The interface is adapted to the needs of users using the API;
  • All transactions are processed very quickly. Checking the deposit takes 1-2 minutes, withdrawal assets occur instantly (if the amount is tremendous, the check will take 5-10 minutes);
  • The exchange capacity is many times higher than the standards due to the scalability of the system (the site can process 2 million transactions per second without delay);
  • KuCoin trading fees are among the lowest in the industry. Besides, the administration additionally encourages active traders;
  • If new traders come to your referral link, you will also receive bonuses.
TOP 20 Crypto Exchanges in Terms of Web Traffic
TOP 20 Crypto Exchanges in Terms of Web Traffic

Is KuCoin Safe?

The exchange has a multi-cluster security system similar to banks. Data centers are located on three primary and two backup servers. Each user’s Kucoin wallet has several levels of protection. Some of the assets that are regularly used in transactions are stored on Amazon Web Services Cloud. The software for each wallet is encrypted at several levels. Fixed assets are in cold storage.


The exchange issued its token based on the Ethereum platform. The first issue was 200 million coins. The administration has planned to buy back and destroy half of this volume.

Q3 2019 Performance of the Native Exchange Tokens
Q3 2019 Performance of the Native Exchange Tokens

KCS Bonuses

The exchange pays bonuses using a branded token. KCS token holders also have additional discounts on trading operations. If you invest in KCS, you will receive:

KuCoin Bonus
KuCoin Bonus
  1. Access to Fast-Pass service;
  2. Consulting on trading strategies etc.

Development timeline

In 2017, when the exchange opened, it offered users 50 trading pairs. After a year, the number of available tokens increased to 100. In the long-term plans, adding all known coins and creating all possible currency pairs.

Number of New Tokens Listed on Exchanges YDT
Number of New Tokens Listed on Exchanges YDT

Binance vs. KuCoin

At the moment, the difference is only in trading volume. Binance’s daily turnover in BTC alone is equivalent to $ 1.5 billion. Kucoin trading volume is about $ 100 million. All other functions, including the branded token, are similar to each other.

KuCoin Trade Volume
KuCoin Trade Volume (source: coingecko)

General information

The review will be incomplete if you do not indicate that the exchange management is located in Hong Kong. The site works in all countries where there is no prohibition on the use of cryptocurrencies.

Easy of use

To enter the exchange, you can use desktop web-application or mobile applications based on iOS and Android.


The exchange has never been hacked. Besides, it is suitable for long-term investments. Holders of branded tokens can count on an increase in their price since it is planned to buy back and destroy half of the entire issue. The service also offers investors useful trading charts (the independent side of TradingView creates them).


You do not pay anything for depositing funds into your account on the exchange. Tipping per purchase is only 0.1%. It is one of the lowest in the industry. Some tokens can be bought at no commission. These include NEO, GAS. The more expensive the popular coin, the lower the percentage of fees the player pays. Commission fees for Bitcoins are 0.0005 for Ether – 0.01%.

Crypto Exchanges Fees Comparison
Crypto Exchanges Fees Comparison

The exchange returns the most part to the active users in the form of bonuses.

Customer Support

Technical support processes requests around the clock. You can ask a question by email [email protected] or chat. The average time to solve the problem is several hours.

Payment Methods

Dear KuCoin Users,

We are delighted to announce that KuCoin has partnered with Simplex to re-enable users to purchase cryptocurrencies using Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

This service can be found on the “Assets” page and currently supports the purchasing of BTC, ETH, XRP, BCHABC and LTC with both USD and EUR in over 100 countries.

2019/03/27 11:43:04 kucoin.com


  • Good reputation since 2017 (platform developers have been working with Blockchain since 2011);
  • Quick adding of new liquid tokens to the exchange (this is beneficial for long-term investments);
  • Minimum tips for trading and bonuses to customers;
  • API in the public domain to improve the trading strategy of each client (who can write the code);
  • A wide range of trading instruments (stop orders, limit orders, etc.);
  • A sound security policy includes two-factor authentication;
  • Trading fees are reduced for active traders who increase the liquidity of tokens;
  • KuCoin Websocket allows you to receive notifications on your mobile phone about the current situation on the exchange.


  • Fiat currency not supported.
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How can I exchange my TBC

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Stacey Roberts
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Thanks for sharing a detail review about kucoin exchange!

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muhammad ahmad
2 years ago

Thank you for your information can you please guide me how to deal with and how to invest in it I am want to buy the coin and invest in it

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