Access To Different Blockchain Nodes By NOWNodes

Access To Different Blockchain Nodes By NOWNodes

NOWNodes is a service that provides access to the most popular blockchain nodes.

At the moment, there are 17 full nodes with an open API, available for connection. These nodes are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Verge, Groestlcoin, Zcoin, Bitcoin SV, Dash, ReddCoin, Bitcoin Gold, Horizen, Komodo, Decred, Litecoin, Zcash, and Callisto.

The list is constantly growing. Soon there will be 49 nodes available on the service.

There are also ERC-20 and BEP-2 nodes available, which gives access to a large number of tokens. There is a possibility to connect to as many different nodes as you want, all in one place, to get a full experience.

The full list of nodes with their statistics is constantly available on the website, along with all of the appropriate documentation:


This is a turn-key solution that allows you to connect to the node of your choice and focus on whatever project you have in mind, while NOWNodes takes care of any managerial issues for you. It is great if you don’t have time, money or energy to run and maintain your own node.

To begin using the service, all a client needs to do is pick the node’s address and make a request. Sending a request takes only about a minute!

Here is an example of a simple request:

curl –request POST “” –data ‘{ “jsonrpc”:”2.0″, “method”:”getmininginfo”, “params”:[], “id”:”test” }’ –header “Content-Type: application/json”

This request can be copied into the terminal and performed.

The nodes are under 24/7 surveillance – their availability and relevance are constantly being monitored. Using an RPC connection, the offered access to nodes is fast, the connection speed is at 1 GB/sec. The speed of API responses allows for scalability for any large tasks.

All of the work methods available are described on the documentation page.

For more advanced users, the BlockBook API technology is available for certain nodes. It allows for features such as:

  • an index of addresses and address balances of the connected blockchain;
  • fast searches in the indexes;
  • simple blockchain explorer;
  • WebSocket;
  • and many others.

This solution suits most possible scenarios, whether you are a crypto enthusiast, a student, or an experienced startup entrepreneur. There are benefits for both new and already existing projects.

Integrating NOWNodes into a project that is already running is simple –  the only change that needs to happen is sending your requests to a different address. An example of an already existing project could be a cryptocurrency wallet. Using NOWNodes, wallets can gain access to all of the available coins without having to spend resources on running all of the corresponding nodes.

With NOWNodes, clients can pay their full attention to their projects, the service does the full scope of infrastructural work for them – from taking care of management and updates to SLA maintenance.

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