Granit Academy Partners with Several Top Crypto Thought Leaders

Granit Academy is garnering the attention and support of the most influential figures in the crypto industry, breaking glass ceilings in the most volatile industry in the world!

In a scene as unpredictable and volatile as the crypto space, trusting any self-proclaimed influencer is a choice that everyone should make of their own recognizance. Yet, we want information from reputable sources such that the knowledge we obtain and decisions we make are sound. Crypto adoption is a work in progress, and greater inclusion requires informed decision making.

(Granit at the “Crypto Traders Meeting” in Dubai. Source: Granit Academy)

As such, each participant in the crypto community ought to be careful and selective of the people they choose to listen to, and where information is coming from. As far as basing decisions on the word of influencers, credibility and trustworthiness come atop of the line. But what makes a successful influencer?

A powerful influencer is judged by the reliability of their counsel, the authority it conveys through affiliation and teamwork, and the quantity of followers who adhere to their thoughts and posts and will support their investments.

Granit Academy, the founder of Crypto Academy, is quickly establishing himself as a significant influencer and player in the cryptocurrency sector. Granit Academy remains truthful as to what members of the community might anticipate when evaluating a project to invest in because of its sincerity and fair appraisal of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This unique influencer is crucial in determining cryptocurrency investment decisions because of the lack of pretense and direct honesty about a project’s likelihood of success.

Granit Academy has quickly established a number of partnerships with important crypto influencers and thought leaders, including Cz Binance, The BitBoy Crypto, That Martini Guy, The Moon Carl, and Coin Bureau, among others. The cooperation between these individuals—who are among the most well-known and reliable figures in the cryptosphere—are proof of the trustworthiness, credibility, and the weight of his assessment of the cryptocurrency industry.

Granit Academy has created promotion channels on Twitter and Telegram that receive a ton of traffic and only contain real users.

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